Star Tours: 10 planets that Disney should add to the classic Star Wars ride

"90210" Co-Stars Matt Lanter And Michael Steger At Disneyland
"90210" Co-Stars Matt Lanter And Michael Steger At Disneyland / Handout/GettyImages
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This world has seen a lot of changes over the years. During the Clone Wars, the home of the Mandalorian warriors was filled with huge cities and showed their power. It was bombed to near ruin by the Empire, with the now-ghostly buildings a more chilling sight filled with monsters. In either era, the world would be a cool place to visit, and throwing in some actual Mandlorians like Bo Katan would make it better.


A lesser-known world, this had some good focus in The Mandalorian Season 3. Home to a tough race of warriors as well as used by the Mandalorians, the world is notable for its large sharp cliffs and wide rivers. That was utilized in a thrilling chase between the Mandalorian and some pursuers, which the ride can replicate. It’d be interesting for Disney to throw in a planet with a good locale, if not famous, background for the ride. 

These are all up in the air, and Disney might decide to work in a few other worlds. However, any of these additions would make Star Tours even more exciting, and guarantee fans book another trip on it fast.