Swifties may make Super Bowl week at Disneyland a nightmare!

Because of the Super Bowl, Taylor Swift fans are selling out Disneyland in hopes of seeing their idol at the parks!

Jan 28, 2024; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift (center) walks off
Jan 28, 2024; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift (center) walks off / Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Good luck trying to get into Disneyland on February 12. Thanks to hordes of Swifties hoping to glance at their idol, it’s going to be a mess. Here’s what we know!

February 12 was already set to be a top day for Disneyland, thanks to the Super Bowl. Since 1988, every winning MVP of the big game has been part of the now iconic “I’m going to Disney World/Disneyland” commercial, shot right on the field following the clock running out. 

Also traditional is that the day following the Super Bowl, the MVP and occasionally other teammates are treated to a ticker tape parade from Fantasyland to Main Street of the Magic Kingdom. It varies depending on which coast the game is played on. If it’s East Coast (especially Florida), that means it’s Disney World. If it’s the West Coast of California or such, it’s Disneyland. 

This year, because the Super Bowl is being played in Las Vegas, the winning MVP will head to Disneyland. It’s set to be a big game, a rematch of the 2020 Super Bowl, as the Kansas City Chiefs (going for their third Super Bowl championship in five years) face off against the San Francisco 49ers (intent to tie the record with a sixth win). 

With the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and the 49ers’ Brock Purdy set for a big QB showdown, whoever wins is going to get a big splash at Disneyland. But one mega-pop superstar may prevent fans from seeing it. 

Why are Swifties going nuts for Disneyland? 

For those living under a rock for the last few months, Chiefs star Travis Kelce is currently dating pop superstar Taylor Swift. It began with Swift seen in the box cheering on the Chiefs in an October win over the Chicago Bears. As soon as word got out about Swift there, ratings for the game skyrocketed.

The relationship has played out with Swift showing up at other Chiefs games, including rooting them in their AFC Championship win over the Baltimore Ravens. It’s also confirmed that Swift will be taking a jet from her Tokyo concert on February 10 in time to make it to Vegas to cheer her man on. 

This means that if the Chiefs win, Kelce might be among the players celebrated at Disneyland (especially if he wins MVP). Thus, Swift’s hordes of fans are hoping Swift will follow him.

It’s because of this that Magic Key reservations for Disneyland on February 12 have already been sold out. Reservations for daily ticket holders remain, but it’s likely the crowds for that day will be huge. 

Of course, this all might be moot if the 49ers win the game. Even if the Chiefs are victorious, it’s uncertain if Kelce and especially Swift would be at the parks. If nothing else, trying to handle security for a star like Swift on a crowded day would be a nightmare for Disney. 

So one way or another, if you’re planning a February 12 trip to Disneyland, you might be better off sticking to California Adventure or just take the day off as the Swifties and Chiefs fans may be making this a wild day at the parks.