Taylor Swift breaks a Disney Plus record with Era Tours debut


Taylor Swift is becoming a big part of the Disney World culture and she is breaking records on Disney+.

Disney announced on Thursday that the Era's Tour that premiered on March 14th broke the record for most views in a three day period, 4.6 million according to their report.

Disney announced that they are partnering with Swift in other areas as well. Disney invested $75 million to secure the rights to the Era's Tour movie but they will also be working with Swift to develop a movie.

Deadline reported that Swift will write and even direct a feature Disney film in the future under the Searchlight Pictures company.

Swift is more than iconic. Her music has transcended generations and she has tried to be a role model for everyone, of course, there are plenty of those who don't hold her in such high regard. That isn't apparently Disney + subscribers.

The question that needs to be answered is how many of those who viewed the movie were new subscribers? Disney Plus has reported decreasing numbers over the last two years and they have been trying to turn that around. Can Swifties bring Disney back into the black?

The Eras Tour film is 3.5 hours long and is free to Disney Plus subscribers. There are two tiers, an ad-free version and an ad version to choose from. Bob Iger previously said that Disney is hoping to see more people gravitate toward the less expensive ad-based subscription because Disney gets more advertising money.