Taylor Swift is rumored to be appearing in Marvel's Deadpool 3

"Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour" Concert Movie World Premiere
"Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour" Concert Movie World Premiere / Matt Winkelmeyer/GettyImages

Taylor Swift is the biggest person on the planet right now. The Grammy winner is currently in the middle of her most expansive tour yet, “The Eras Tour," which pays homage to all of her albums. She also just released a version of the tour performance in theaters for those unable to attend in person.

Give her tremendous success right now, what could possibly be next for the global superstar?

How about a stop in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? New reports are starting to come out claiming that Taylor Swift could be appearing in an upcoming Marvel movie.

Rumors of Taylor Swift playing Dazzler have been swirling for quite some time, but they really picked up steam recently when she was spotted at a Kansas City Chiefs game against the New York Jets earlier this month. Swift is reportedly in a relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce so showing up at the game isn't terribly surprising.

But who she was with has started to fuel the speculative flames. Swift was spotted at the game with Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy and film stars Ryan Reynolds (Wade Wilson/Deadpool) and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine).

Levy was asked about Swift appearing in Deadpool 3, but neither confirmed nor denied her involvement in the project.

"“I’m going across the board. ‘No comment’ because that’s a double whammy. That’s Taylor-related. And it’s MCU-related. I’m no dummy. You’re going to have to wait and see.”"

Although Levy refused to comment on the subject, we seemingly have confirmation of Swift's upcoming appearance in Deadpool 3 from reliable insider MTTSH. The insider claims that Swift is in the movie but will not be playing Dazzler.

So what will Swift's role in the movie be? Although specific plot details for Deadpool 3 remain under wraps, there are reports that the Merc with a Mouth will be hopping across timelines and realities. If that's the case, then perhaps Swift will simply be playing herself in some sort of cameo role.

Although Taylor Swift is primarily a singer and performer, she has appeared in a couple of movies, including 2019's Cats and 2010's Valentine's Day. Given the box office rut that Marvel has been in with these past few films, perhaps adding Swift to a movie could help attract some Swifties to the theater to boost ticket sales.