Test Track closure coming this summer as the EPCOT attraction is set to change

A new theming of Test Track has been announced but not what it is! Photo credit: Brian Miller
A new theming of Test Track has been announced but not what it is! Photo credit: Brian Miller /

EPCOT will soon have one less attraction for guests to enjoy as Test Track is set to close for an extended period of time.

On June 17th, Test Track will close at least that is the word from Disney. The attraction has been long rumored to be undergoing significant changes and potentially a retheme. The general concept of the attraction is not expected to change.

Disney released a new image of what the exterior entrance will potentially look like. The concept images don't always end up looking exactly like they should.

The concept art really doesn't show much difference in what it looks like currently. Gone is the overhead metal awning that gave guests rain protection and the "Test Track" sign is different but did Disney really need to spend money on either of those? I wouldn't say changing signage is a step forward. Frankly, there was nothing wrong with the current one.

Inside is where changes need to be made and it will be interesting to see what exactly Disney Imagineers have in store for the attraction. It is unclear how long the ride will be down and a lot of that has to do with what they will be doing inside. The longer the downtime, the more changes we might expect.

This isn't the first time Test Track has been updated. The original ride was upgraded twice since it opened. The current version is the best it has been but it isn't something you run toward to experience. The best part of the ride clearly is the final run through the outer track.

Disney will likely release more information about the re-theme in the coming weeks or months.