The 5 foods you absolutely have to try when you visit Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom has more than their share of sweet treats and savory dishes but some you can only get at Disney World and some of these you can only get at Magic Kingdom.
Walt Disney World in Orange County
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When you visit any Disney World park you inevitably get hungry and there is no shortage of options at Magic Kingdom!

You could wait in line or you can now order ahead on the Disney Mobile App and then simply pick up your order without waiting in line. That works well for many food options at Disney but sometimes, you need more.

  • Here are the five most wonderful treats for your tongue at Magic Kingdom that you might kick yourself for not getting.
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Liberty Tree Tavern - This sit-down restaurant requires reservations 98% of the time and you can make them online or on the app. The family-style meal is one of the best I have ever had at any Disney restaurant and while it is pricey I don't regret spending the money. The funny story here is that they used to serve this amazing salad but changed. I didn't know it and brought my family of six only to find out it was family style. I'm a pretty cheap Disney goer and my family laughed when I got the bill! It was still worth it.

Dole Whip - Around the country, there are places that claim to sell the delectably cold frozen orange treat but nothing is as good as the original and you can't go wrong with it. There are two locations. One is just over the bridge into Adventureland and the other is behind the Aladdin ride.

Turkey Leg - You might need to ask a cast member where this wonderful hunk of Thanksgiving is at. It used to be located along the water's edge in Adventureland. Then it moved to Tomorrowland and back again but honestly, I'm not sure if it moved back yet. Stop by any food kiosk and they should be able to tell is that popular and smoked to perfection.

Dipped caramel apple - head to the back of the park and into Fantasyland. Make a right at the Mad Tea Party and go into the big circus tent. In the center you will see a bunch of delicious treats that are made throughout the day and on site. The coated caramel apples are absolutely heaven. We typically buy three or four to take back to the hotel. The tart green apple inside goes so well with the sweet candied outside.

Egg Rolls - These are a recent addition to the park and while I'm sure many others may point you in the direction of the candied bacon (overpriced and only meh) the egg rolls are scrumptious. Here is the thing though, they do not sell all day and once they are out, they are out so hit it early and give it a go. The flavors also change as well so they are not your typical egg rolls. The cheeseburger is one of our family's favorites. The kiosk is located at the bridge entrance to Adventureland.