The 5 things you don't want to skip when visiting Hollywood Studios at Disney World

Planning a visit to Hollywood Studios may seem pretty easy. The park, overall isn't that big but what if you miss something? It's not like you can turn around and head back. At least not for a little while.
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Walt Disney World Resort Opening
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Walt Disney World Resort Opening / Gerardo Mora/GettyImages

For years Hollywood Studios has been one of those destinations that can be quite boring but Disney has tried to change that by adding more and more to the park. While I wouldn't say this particular park is an all-day adventure, it's getting better.

Naturally, if you are a Star Wars geek the thought of taking a trip to the Galaxy's Edge is a priority and when the rope drops I'm sure you are making a B-line for either Smugglers Run or Rise of the Resistance. Of course there is also some other fun options as well.

We covered the best "must-do-rides" in the links below but there is more to Hollywood than just doing rides and these other attractions should be on your to-do list!

Frozen: For the First Time in Forever Sing-A-Long: I know what you're I really want to sit through this? The answer is yes. I'm 54 and have a 13 year-old-daughter who no longer walks the halls of my home singing the songs from Frozen but honestly, this is one of my absolute favorite shows at any Disney park.

The two "hosts" that welcome you to Arrendelle are fantastic, comedic, and really do a great job of telling the Arendelle story. The fact that the characters from the movies show up is the bonus. There is nothing more fun than watching all the young kids see this for the first time and that is half of the joy. The grand finale is so good that the not quite full on out of tune singing from the audience just fades away. Don't let this one go by even if your kids are older. There is a lot to get out of this for both adults, teens, and of course the younger kids too.

Star Wars Launch Bay - This "attraction" is not only a must for the big Star Wars geeks but is still pretty cool for the casual fan. Located in the Animation Courtyard where you will find plenty of Disney Channel animated children's characters, this rather large building contains movie props, some life-size and model-size ships, costumes, movie stills, and more. Plus you can meet Kylo Ren and other characters from the films.

It is often overlooked unless you are a SW-Geek because it doesn't end up on your to-do list. With it being located in an area less frequented by families without young children, you are likely to miss it...but you shouldn't.

Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities - You could blow a big wad of credits in this Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge boutique but you can also stroll through it and look at the stuff you want but really don't want to spend a ton on. Some of the items are quite unique and maybe something sparks a little interest. Still, it's kind of fun walking through the shop that looks like it is out of one of the films.

Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage: This is a can't-miss show that brings the movie to life on stage with brilliant actors pulling off the film. Located on Sunset Blvd on the right side at the end, it's a great opportunity to get off your feet, sit back, relax, and be entertained.

Disney Junior Play and Dance: Head to Animation Courtyard and prepare for an up close romp with many of the Disney Junior characters as your young kids sing along and dance to the music and presentations but be forewarned. You will sit criss-cross apple sauce on the floor just below a stage. The viewing is fine but getting up may not be what you look forward to!