The absolute best ride or show at Magic Kingdom

When you go to Magic Kingdom, you naturally want to ride the best possible ride or take in the best show. But what is the singular one that is the best of all the others?

The "people mover" ride at Magic Kingdom. Photo Credit: Brian Miller
The "people mover" ride at Magic Kingdom. Photo Credit: Brian Miller /

There are so many rides to love at Magic Kingdom. There is so many attractions you won't want to miss. From the new Tron: Lightcycle Run to Space Mountain. From Haunted Mansion to Pirates of the Caribbean. But one ride stands out as a must-ride that you will likely pass up.

I'm talking the People Mover.

The People Mover or the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, is a slower motion ride that takes you through and above Tomorrowland. It speeds up, slows down, hits a dark tunnel, but through the entire ride you find yourself enjoying the scenery.

You pass above the Tomorrowland Speedway, pass by Tron, go into the dark reaches of Space Mountain and through the top of Space Ranger Spin. You circle the Laugh Factory and what is left of where Alien Encounter used to be.

See the grand vision of what inspired EPCOT in a model that is illuminated in another wise dark tunnel.

The People Mover is probably the most relaxing ride at Disney and gives guests a small breeze and a reprieve from the heat. Lines are typically short as many guests pass by it. It isn't flashy and there is no back story waiting queue.

There is even a great shot of Cinderella's Castle and if you catch it at the right time, some of the fireworks display makes it even better. If you need a break from the typical or have younger kids that can't ride much or older guests that don't as well, everyone should be pleased with The People Mover.