The absolute number one thing you need to know about pin trading Disney doesn't tell you

Disney pin trading is an awesome way to fill in time at the Disney World parks but there is one thing they don't tell you that you absolute have to know before you start your day.
Disney trading pins. Photo credit Brian Miller
Disney trading pins. Photo credit Brian Miller /

One of the cheaper options at Disney World is pin trading. You can pre-purchase pins from eBAY sellers and take them into the park and then trade for pins from boards around all four parks.

My family has been doing this for a few years now and we missed the way it used to be before COVID when cast members wore pin lanyards that you could trade with. Since COVID, pinboards have popped up at every park. Simply walk up and look at the board, if there is a pin you want to trade for, swap it for one of your own.

There are collections that you can buy and pin shops that you can buy more specific pins that might suit your tastes but overall, trading is an enjoyable bonus to going to the parks in Disney World.

While there are not that many rules, there are some. For example, you can trade two pins at a time and you are not supposed to trade a pin that is already on the board you want a pin from. If you ask nicely, most cast members will turn a blind eye and let you but that is up to the cast member and the number of people that might be in line to look at the board.

All of that being said, there is still something you absolutely must know about pin trading that many guests don't and I found out the hard way.

Disney trading pins
Disney trading pins. Photo credit Brian Miller /

Some pin trading locations will close down at the end of the day.

On my last trip to Disney World, my family spent our last day at EPCOT and we left before the fireworks my wife decided that she wanted one last look at the largest pin trading board at any of the parks, the one at Hollywood Studios.

We were surprised that at 8:30 the board was gone. We were told that several parks will take boards down at 8:00 p.m. because they could cause backups when the park closes and guests are leaving.

I found a few other spots that did this as well. I was surprised but completely understand. So if you are planning a day of pin trading, be aware that later in the evening if you are planning to get a final look as you leave, you may leave disappointed.