The best attraction or ride at Hollywood Studios might surprise you

A look down the strip towards the Runaway Railroad ride. Photo Credit: Brian Miller
A look down the strip towards the Runaway Railroad ride. Photo Credit: Brian Miller /

When you enter Hollywood Studios you see the replica Manns Chinese Theater at the end of the main street. You get that feel of stepping into California with the high skinny palm trees. It feels different than most Disney World parks.

Naturally, you are hear for the Tower of Terror or Rockin Roller Coaster. Maybe you are a Star Wars nerd/geek who has to spend the day or most of it rummaging through Galaxy's Edge. Yes, when it is working the 17 minute long Rise of the Resistance ride is worth the wait for Star Wars fans but not everyone that goes to Hollywood Studios is a Star Wars fan.

I am, admittedly, a SW nerd/geek but less than most. Still, while I love Rise of the Resistance, my favorite attraction is not Rise or any other ride. It's not Beauty and the Beast and it's not Indiana Jones.

Personally, my favorite still shocks me to this day. I'm talking the Frozen Sing a Long.

Frozen Sing-a-long
Frozen Sing-A-Long at Hollywood Studios /

The Frozen attraction at Hollywood Studios introduces to you to Arendelle and presents you with a history of their small kingdom. Two "historians" greet you on the stage ahead of a big festival. They bicker back and forth in a playful way that children love and adults can relate to.

From the start of the show, guests are introduced to the players from the film and while the story unfolds with a musical sing-a-long from various songs from the movies, it really takes to a new level when a crowd of young children, many of them young girls start signing along to "Let it Go".

While you personally may have had enough of the song over the years, you won't mind it here. There is something so enchanting about children experiencing something they love for the first time and when Ana walks on to the stage, it erupts but when Queen Elsa arrives, well, you can imagine.

For the First Time in Forever
The For the First Time in Forever sing-a-long at Hollywood Studios is a great family time. /

What you can't imagine is the way it all ends in a way that only Disney can bring to life. You can stop here if you don't want to know.

As Elsa greets the crowd and starts to use her magic, icy smoke rises from the stage. Ice forms on the screen behind here in cadence with her moves, and then, with a flick of her wrists snow falls onto the audience amid screams of joy from children and laughter from parents.

I got to experience this with my daughter who naturally loves it. My oldest son, not so much (until he someday takes his daughter I'll bet). My younger boys both love it and as a parent, it's time well spent and so enjoyable that my wife and I have done this so many times we can't count.

Whether you are with your kids or by yourself, this is a well done attraction that shouldn't be missed because it might just be the most thought out and well done attraction at the park.