The best Eat to the Beat concerts of the last two years at EPCOT

The 2024 Eat to the Beat concerts have not been announced yet but if these acts return, it will be another fun year for the Food and Wine Festival.
Fridayz Live '23 - Auckland
Fridayz Live '23 - Auckland / Dave Simpson/GettyImages

The 2024 Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT is still months away. It will return after the Arts Festival and the Flower and Garden Festival. That doesn't mean we can't look ahead with the hopes of some new and returning acts.

Sometimes you don't get to catch an act you really wanted to see. So you hope for a return engagement the following year. I remember when a hurricane canceled our trip to Disney and we missed on an act that we really wanted to see. Luckily, we got to see them closer to home.

In 2021, Eat to the Beat concerts were cancelled. The COVID pandemic had wiped out shows the previous year and the world was still recovering. At EPCOT, things were not back to normal. There were shows during the festival but they weren't concerts. In 2022, they finally returned from a long and missed absence.

The Concert For Love And Acceptance / Rick Diamond/GettyImages

The best concerts in 2022 when Eat to the Beat returned to EPCOT's Food and Wine Festival.

Here are the best concerts from 2022 that we would love to see return in 2024.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - The high-energy swing sounds of the big band era brought guests an energized and fantastic show with swing-style music. The band returned in 2023.

Tiffany - The 80s pop star may not have the same girlish charm that she did when she was a teen but every guest I spoke to loved the show and the energy. Tiffany was a great addition to the event calendar and was superb again in 2023. Can she make it 3 in a row?

Hoobastank - This 90s band didn't have a lot of hits in their career but they are a fun band to see. I missed this one. They returned in 2023 but I missed that one too.

Mark Wills - If you opted for 90s country over 90s pop, in the 90s, you know Wills' catalog. A fantastic voice with a steady show in 2022. Wills returned in 2023. Can he make it a 3rd time?

38 Special - The 70s and 80s rock band brought the energy and the vibes. Now bring it back. The band wrapped the 2023 season of shows as well.

Boyz II Men - There is just something about them that you have to love. It hasn't changed a bit now that they are, well, men. They too returned in 2023.

Kenny G - Honestly, I was never a fan and I always find it hard to sing along when there are no words but there is a following like no other. Long lines for seating.

Sugar Ray - Ray wrapped the 2022 season of shows. Ray still brings the energy. He returned in 2023.

Music Saves Lives Benefit Show / Scott Dudelson/GettyImages

The 2023 Eat to the Beat Concert Series at EPCOT wasn't as good as 2022 despite several returning acts.

2023 brought more concerts to the Eat to the Beat concert stage across from the American Pavilion. In addition to the performers who also were showcased in 2022 and returned in 2023, these other acts made an impact.

Orianthi - Orianthi kicked off the series in 2023 with a big energy show that served as the perfect start to the season. Would love to see her back again to do the same in 2024.

Air Supply - Not only did I miss this show, I missed them in my home town five minutes from my house. I was told they sounded the exact same as they did during their heyday.

Honorable mentions - Taylor Dane has appeared the last two seasons as has Billy Ocean, Hanson, and Sheila E.

What will 2024 bring? We should start getting concert updates later in 2024 before the kick-off in late July.

2019 still boasts the best lineup for the Eat to the Beat concert series at EPCOT.

Sheena Easton
Sheena Easton Performs at The Smothers Theatre - Malibu, CA / Jeff Golden/GettyImages

2019 saw Tiffany, Mark Wills, Kenny G, 38 Special, Sheila E, Billy Ocean, Boyz II Men, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and Taylor Dane, but they also boasted some fantastic one-time performers that are long overdue to come back.

Sawyer Brown - It doesn't matter if you like country or not, this incredibly entertaining act has performed for decades together and still bring an energy that few acts can deliver. Mark Miller remains my wife's favorite and it's time to bring them back.

Sheena Easton - When I was 16 years old I saw Easton in concert, six rows off center stage. She didn't accept may shoutout marriage proposal then and I thought better to shout it out again with my wife sitting next to me. Love the show, loved the vibe, and the memories. It was a packed crowd. Time to return.

The Hooters - A classic 80s, early 90s band that had a few hits but still bring a great pop sound.