The best place to get a quick breakfast at Epcot in Walt Disney World

Epcot has some of the best dining of all the Disney parks but this spot is the best for a quick meal to start the day!
Entrance to The Land. Photo credit: Brian Miller
Entrance to The Land. Photo credit: Brian Miller /

Epcot is a park that requires a lot of energy for folks to get around. That means it's important to eat a good breakfast. It helps that Epcot has some of the best dining options in all of Walt Disney World. But some guests may not have the time for a big, long sit-down place. Luckily, one spot in Epcot is just the place to grab a quick meal for the day!

Where you eat in Epcot can vary depending on where you start your day. If you’re coming in from the main entrance in Future World, the Connections Cafe is a possibility. If you’re starting at the International entrance in World Showcase, Kringla Bakeri og Kafe in Norway or Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie in Paris both offer some good eats, with the latter offering some fantastic pastries. 

EPCOT - Seasons quick serve restaurant
Great breakfast awaits for all you early rising Disney and EPCOT visitors. Photo Credit: Brian /

Yet for both service and options, Sunshine Seasons at the Land pavilion is your best bet. The food court has shifted a few times over the years but in terms of options for breakfast, it’s tops. The big pull is a variety of breakfast sandwiches mixing ham, bacon, eggs, cheese and other items together for just $10.99. There’s also a great bakery with croissants, rolls, muffins and other items. Fruit, yogurt and a variety of juices are all on hand too. They're also bringing back the classic bacon/sausage/eggs meal to enjoy.

Best of all, the ingredients in this menu are made from some of the very plants grown in the main Land pavilion, creating a special flavor you can’t find elsewhere. There’s also an option for those with some allergies if they ask a worker first. So when you ride Living With the Land, you can marvel that's where your breakfast meal came from.

It’s a bit different than the classic food court once there but for those needing a quick meal before or after riding Soarin, Sunshine Seasons lets you shine in energy all day at Epcot.