The best place to get a quick breakfast at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

If you want a quick meal to start your day at the Magic Kingdom, this small spot is the perfect place to do it!

The best chicken and waffle quick spot in all of Disney. Photo credit: Brian Miller
The best chicken and waffle quick spot in all of Disney. Photo credit: Brian Miller /

When Walt Disney World guests get a start on their day at the parks, breakfast is important to get the day off right and build up energy. However, some visitors may want to skip a huge sit-down event and just get a quick bite at the parks. That’s especially true for the Magic Kingdom and its selection of restaurants. So where is the best place to get a fast breakfast at the big Disney park? 

There are a few good selections for a quick breakfast at the Magic Kingdom. The Main Street Bakery is basically a Starbucks in disguise with coffee and bacon sandwiches. Westward Ho in Frontierland and Friar’s Nook in Fantasyland are also good options, if a bit limited. Tomorrowland isn’t the best for breakfast; their options are better for lunch or dinner. 

However, it’s likely the best place in the Magic Kingdom for a breakfast stop is Sleepy Hollow. Located right off the main hub leading into Liberty Square, this spot takes its name from the classic story adapted into a Disney cartoon. It’s a walk-up spot with limited seating, and sometimes the service can be slow.

But the reason for that is the quality, which is far, far better than most quick-service spots in the Magic Kingdom. The big pull is Mickey-shaped waffles, lightly powdered with sugar and your choice of how much syrup to pour on. The fresh fruit waffle sandwich is one of the best snacks in all of the Magic Kingdom,  a perfect golden waffle, a generous smear of chocolate hazelnut spread, and a whole lot of bananas and berries mixed into a glorious taste. 

There are also some funnel cakes and even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. For drinks, you can get chocolate milk, juices, and plain water alongside coffee, cocoa, and tea. Best of all, the prices are pretty affordable compared to other quick services, as the waffles are only $6.50, with the waffle sandwich $8.50. 

So it may not be fancy from the outside, but Sleepy Hollow is the perfect spot in the Magic Kingdom to get a nice quick breakfast to start off the day and make sure you’ve got the energy to handle all day in this amazing park.