The best time to visit a Disney Park is approaching if not already here

Disney parks can be hectic, chaotic, and sometimes downright hot. Then, September rolls around and everything starts to slow down, a little.
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As the calendar turns from August to September more than just the insane summer heat starts to wane. Yes, it is still hot in Orlando in September and yes, it can be brutal. The heat in Orlando won't start to trickle away until later in the month and into October but it does tend to start being cooler.

Cooler is an odd word considering we are talking the difference between 95 and 89 I mean let's face a reality here, you can visit the Disney water parks in November on certain days.

So why is this the best time to go to Disney World? Typically, visitor counts start to drop. While the heat may still pose a problem, one thing is much different. Kids are back in school.

Parents are not afraid to take their little bundles of joy out of classes for a week so they family can holiday in Orlando but in mid-August to early September the start of the school year is much harder for parents to justify taking them out. So, they tend not to and as a result, the parks transition from middle aged children to more adults only, not quite but close.

We are now hitting that time. Recently I was at Disney World and I noticed that in mid-August there was less children that there was back in early July. That will change again come November when families are more apt to allow their kids to miss time or during October when they try and get some Trick or Treating in at Magic Kingdom.

For those adults who are looking to visit the parks and don't mind the extra heat, now is a great time to visit. The Food and Wine Festival is going on and kids are back in school, especially in Florida so those kids how may frequent far more often, are more likely going to be relegated to the weekends.