The biggest mistake Disney Imagineers made with Galaxy's Edge and how to fix it

Galaxy's Edge, the Star Wars themed land at Hollywood Studios and it's sister location in California are fantastic but like everything, they can be a lot better.

Galaxy's Edge at Hollywood Studios. Photo credit: Brian Miller
Galaxy's Edge at Hollywood Studios. Photo credit: Brian Miller /
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The lack of Disney World imagination with Galaxy's Edge left Star Tours out of the picture and out of the land.

Obviously you can't simply pick up the entire Star Tours attraction and move it 300 yards to the right. But you could remove all that Muppet stuff that sits between Star Tours and GE. That stuff we mentioned earlier.

Hollywood Studios - Galaxy's Edge
A stormtrooper stands at attention at Galaxy's Edge. Photo credit: Brian Miller /

Star Tours travelers disembark on another planet or in another galaxy. So instead of disembarking your haywire ride through the stars into a gift shop, why not move the gift shop further down and add an exit to the attraction where the restaurant is at instead. Now, you are coming off the ride almost immediately outside of the GE main entrance.

The entire ride could have been re-themed as well by adding the final destination, just outside of Galaxy's Edge giving riders a more intimate feel that they have been transported from Hollywood Studios to Galaxy's Edge.

Once through the gift shop you enter out into the street just in front of the gateway. Still allowing you to turn around and head to the other non-Star Wars areas or through the arch into GE.