The biggest mistake Disney Imagineers made with Galaxy's Edge and how to fix it

Galaxy's Edge, the Star Wars themed land at Hollywood Studios and it's sister location in California are fantastic but like everything, they can be a lot better.
Galaxy's Edge at Hollywood Studios. Photo credit: Brian Miller
Galaxy's Edge at Hollywood Studios. Photo credit: Brian Miller /
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It wouldn't be enough to simply retool the exit of Star Tours at Disney's Hollywood Studios, you would need to change everything around that area.

Removing Rizzo's Pizza and the Muppet Vision theater may not be met with a lot of applause but they can be relocated. In fact, all of that are could and it wouldn't take much because there is already a building in place to house it.

Consider this all a swap. Move the Muppet area across the park to the Animation Courtyard area and move Star Wars Launch Bay to replace it.

Star Wars Launch Bay is pretty cool, I admit but why is it so far removed from Galaxy's Edge? You can meet Star Wars characters here, you can see model vehicles from the film, some lifesize. You can tour through a world of Star Wars memorabilia, movie stills, posters, and more. But it belongs on the other side of the park.

Hollywood Studios - Galaxy's Edge
Galaxy's Edge at HollyWood Studios. Photo credit: Brian Miller /

The Muppets would fit in nicely near the far more kids oriented Disney Dance Party and Disney Junior character meet and greets. Imagine the Muppets there as well? It makes sense.

It wouldn't take too much to swap the two and neither being down would infuriate guests who are visiting the parks. With this singular move, you have an entire part of the park dedicated to Star Wars wich is what Galaxy's Edge was supposed to bring.

From here, you can now change the rest of the Grand Avenue area to transcend from Orlando Hollywood Studios into the far reaches of the galaxy.