The biggest mistake Disney Imagineers made with Galaxy's Edge and how to fix it

Galaxy's Edge, the Star Wars themed land at Hollywood Studios and it's sister location in California are fantastic but like everything, they can be a lot better.
Galaxy's Edge at Hollywood Studios. Photo credit: Brian Miller
Galaxy's Edge at Hollywood Studios. Photo credit: Brian Miller /
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The outside of the buildings that line Grand Avenue from Star Tours to the entrance to Galaxy's edge could very easily be remodeled. The Baseline Tap House could be re-themed to a SW style and the storefronts could change to things like Galaxy Travel Agents instead of fashion.

The cast members could still retain their own uniforms as this area would remain separate from Galaxy's Ege which is supposed to be another world entirely. The whole idea is to have a simple and memorable transition.

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At Galaxy's Edge if you ask something about Star Wars they look at you funny, completely immersed into their roles of outlanders. It's a great concept and the cast members do a great job.

For me, I always find it odd that I pass Star Tours and the Muppets and then a simple walk through a tunnel brings me into a far more immersive world of Star Wars but not really Star Wars if that makes sense.

So make it make sense. Get rid of the Muppets. Convert it all to Star Wars. Maybe even give guest a ride on Star Tours with an exit that dumps you at the gate to Galaxy's Edge.