The Disney Movie Club is shutting down in another blow against physical media

As physical media continues to dwindle away, the Disney Movie Club is ending. Find out the last time you can order from there!
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In another sign of the end of physical media, Disney is closing down the Disney Movie Club after 23 years. Find out when the last time you can order from it is!

Beginning in 2001, at the height of the DVD market, the Disney Movie Club offered exclusive DVD releases to members. In some cases, they were films long out of circulation in the days before streaming and some could only be found via the Club. For fans of Disney classics, it is wonderful to get everything from forgotten 1960s films to episodes of Disney shows like Zorro and others. 

Not only could fans get DVDs and later Blu-Ray sets but also some exclusive treats like special pins and discounts on other Disney goodies. Sadly, all good things come to an end, and that pertains to physical media. 

It’s no secret that physical media is becoming a tougher market these days. Disney has already announced they would stop selling DVDs and Blu-Rays in Australia. They’re not alone, as chains such as Best Buy have likewise stopped selling them. This is despite how the Blu-ray for Oppenheimer was a massive seller. 

While special brands like Criterion and Arrow Video still offer some great sets, the rise of streaming services means less of a market for physical media. This is despite how many might prefer it, given the tendency of streaming services to remove titles with little warning. 

When does The Disney Movie Club end?

Per the official announcement, the Movie Club closes down in September. 

"After 23 magical years, it’s time to say goodbye.

"After serving over 10 million valued Club Members, we have made the difficult decision to close the Disney Movie Club. We will miss the opportunity to be part of the lives of so many Disney fans, including you, but we will be forever grateful for the time you’ve chosen to spend with us.

"But we’re not done yet! In the months to come, we’ll be piling on the perks to celebrate you, our loyal Member. Look for amazing offers to help you finish building your collection with movies you love — for memories that are yours to cherish forever."

For the record, May 20th will be the last day to order, July 20th will have the accounts closed down, and September 20th will be the last day to return titles. 

However, there is a good bonus for members. Starting February 20, all Disney Movie Club members will be considered VIPs and will have access to all available titles. Through May 20, Disney Movie Club is offering 60 percent off a title when you buy one title at regular price (starting at $19.95). With the purchase of a regular-priced title, users can also get free VIP pins such as Elemental, among others. 

It’s another sad sign of how physical media, once so dominant, has slowly withered away. At least fans have a few months to still enjoy the Disney Movie Club and all its goodies before it fades away into the Disney vaults.