The Disney Parks need to bring back this discontinued event at Hollywood Studios

There are plenty of things that Disney World guests miss when Disney executives pull the plug. Some are gone for a short time while others may be gone forever. At Hollywood Studios, one event stands out.
Star Wars "parade". Photo credit Brian Miller
Star Wars "parade". Photo credit Brian Miller /

For 1,000s of Disney World guests, o.k. millions, who have come and gone through the gates of Hollywood Studios, there is one thing that needs to come back. The Star Wars processional.

The "quasi-parade" was led by Captain Phasma, a major player in the final three Star Wars "Skywalker" films. At Hollywood Studios, Phasma led a stormtrooper parade down Hollywood Boulevard up to a stage in front of the Mann's Chinese Theater building.

Hollywood Studios
Star Wars. Photo credit Brian Miller /

The procession was a great way for guests to see troopers in mass and it was one of the best things that Hollywood Studios had to offer. Then, the park executives did away with it and it doesn't seem to be something that will ever reappear.

In addition to the procession, Hollywood Studios also had a great midday Star Wars spectacular complete with both villain and hero appearances. That too has since ended. The question is why?

Perhaps Galaxy's Edge has something to do with it. The endings came around the same time as the opening of Bakku. Is there not a world where they could both coexist?

Hollywood Studios
Star Wars. Photo credit Brian Miller /

In terms of Phasma, her character was killed during the films so in that regard, maybe not having her makes sense but then again, do many guests care? Probably not.

A new form of both could take place in the Galaxy's Edge area. Currently, several characters including The Mandalorian, Chewbacca, and Rey all make appearances throughout the day and stormtroopers roam the area but still, the grandeur of the procession was something special and was so different from other Disney park parades.