The Fantastic Four now have villains for the upcoming MCU entry

Recently the cast of The Fantastic Four was revealed and now we hae more clarfication on who they will be fighting.
Disney Acquires Marvel Comics For $4 Billion
Disney Acquires Marvel Comics For $4 Billion / Mario Tama/GettyImages

Casting for The Fantastic Four has yet to be completed but we at least know who the villains will be.

According to "The Insneider", Jeff Sneider, the main protagonist for the upcoming MCU Fantastic Four film will be, Galactus. Galactus was previously seen in a previous version of the Fantastic Four in the sequel, The Silver Surfer.

This report seems to indicate that The Silver Surfer will also be a big part of the film considering the Silver Surfer does the bidding of Galactus. Finally, the report says that Doctor Doom will make a late appearance in the film. The Insneider is protected behind a paywall. reported on these details.

Casting has yet to take place for any of the villains that will appear in the film. It was recently announced that Pedro Pascal will play Mr. Fantastic. The film will be released in July of 2025.

Marvel fans have been waiting impatiently for the addition of the Fantastic Four to the MCU. In the summer of 2024, Deadpool will make his debut in the MCU, and an X-Men feature is also expected sometime in the future.

The Fantastic Four has been around since 1961 and was created by the incredible Stan Lee/Jack Kirby tandem. The newest film has Matt Shakman attached to direct. He previously worked with Disney production on WandaVision for Disney+.

Marvel is entering a critical phase in the coming years. The post-Avengers films have not done as well as the previous installments and Disney and Marvel are banking on a fresh change that could build up the franchise again. The Fantastic Four will be a 'fantastic' start.