The five rides at EPCOT you don't want to miss out on no matter what

There are Disney World rides you will want to do and there are rides at Disney World or in this case EPCOT that you simply have to do.
"Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind" Media Preview Event
"Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind" Media Preview Event / Gerardo Mora/GettyImages

When you think of EPCOT maybe you think of the amazing food and drinks from one of the three World Showcase Festivals. Maybe you think about the big silver ball that is named "Spaceship Earth." Or maybe you think of Figment, the little purple dragon that has somehow become EPCOT's mascot. Or maybe, you think of the rides!

I get it. There is nothing like getting in line and taking a spin on an amusement park ride and EPCOT is no different but what are the absolute 5 that you definitely shouldn't miss? We got you covered!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind - No this first one is not a copout. The ride is amazingly fun and the music rotates through six different song selections and each give the ride a different feel. You will need to get a queue pass for the ride and if you miss the 7am fast-finger app dance, you get a second shot at 1:00 pm but you have to be in the park. You can read about the songs here.

The Living Land - Ok, for real here, I absolutely love this slow-moving boat ride through the gardening and horticulture building located in the Living Land pavilion. The themes change with the seasons and the vegetation that they grow also changes throughout the year. Consistently I try and fail miserably to replicate the hydroponic growing systems at home. This ride is one of the most simplest in all of the parks and still a wonderful lesson at the same time.

SOARIN - I'll make this one an easy one. If you haven't done it, it's 100% a must ride. This is thrilling and fun and it doesn't matter what kind of health conditions you have (extreme fear of heights may be a problem). It's a visual masterpiece. That being said, if you have done it before, it can grow a little repetitive...because it actually is if you have done it before.

Frozen - This is located in the Norway Pavilion and the line can be a little longer than many would like. It's inside which is nice. It's on a boat which is nicer, and you get to visit Arendelle. Who doesn't want to see a bunch of, that might spoil it for you!

Spaceship Earth - Yes, you have to do the giant ball! Right before COVID hit, the entire ride was going to be shut down and remodeled. That has not only been put on the back burner but they turned off the burner itself and now it's anyone's guess as to when or if they will do anything at all. Still, while your space ship might not capture your image properly it's still a great way to beat the heat and a ride with a very short line most of the time.