The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Disney could have done so much better

Shanghai Disney Resort Partly Reopens As The Epidemic Subsided
Shanghai Disney Resort Partly Reopens As The Epidemic Subsided / Hu Chengwei/GettyImages

He is a fuzzy little bear all stuffed with fluff but Disney World totally blew the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh at Magic Kingdom.

The wait time can be almost an hour sometimes and when it is, my family tends to laugh. The poor unsuspecting guests who are about to waste part of their day. In theory, it's a great attraction for the youngest of guests. I still remember taking each of my four kids on the ride for their first times and then wondering why I bothered...because they didn't care. By the time they were old enough to really soak it all in, they cared even less because they wanted to ride something else.

The attraction's best part is the detail around the ride itself, outside, in the queue line. This could have literally been a play area named the 100 Acre Woods and it would be more special. Inside, the attraction loses it's luster as soon as you board the continuous moving vehicle and turn inside.

There is no animatronics but what almost appears to be cardboard or wooden cutouts of the characters. There are some three-dimensional aspects, like a bouncing Tigger or a sleepy Pooh, but overall, this is an attraction that feels more like a child's Halloween Haunted House attempt without the scares.

The ride used to be Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and it was reimagined more than a decade ago, but it remains about the same. It is boring and very short. Like most attractions, the 45—to 60-minute wait is over within a couple of minutes, but without the smiles and joy.

Inside you weave in and out of wood cutouts painted in neon colors. You roll through and rotate in your vehicle and zig and zag through the attraction. What you should be doing is standing in line for a better attraction that is a little longer.