The money Disney used to renovate EPCOT could have been used in many other areas

The new attraction, Moana: Journey of Water has been well received but the renovations Disney is making to the central hub of the park is money that could have been used anywhere else.

Renovations are transforming this area of EPCOT. Photo credit: Brian Miller
Renovations are transforming this area of EPCOT. Photo credit: Brian Miller /

The central hub of EPCOT is now called World Celebration and when the walls finally come down, it will have an extremely different look than it did five to 10 years ago. Yes, sometimes, amusement parks and theme parks need to be upgraded and until we see what this area actually becomes, we can't be certain that it will be better or just different.

Let's face it, the "World Celebration" area wasn't bad. Starbucks sat up on a small hill and you could grab your coffee and sip it while you watched the Fountains of Nations entertain you. The Fountains of Nations amazed guests and children with almost constant displays of color, music, and water fountains.

Will even a small part of that return with the new remodel? We know that giant speakers and lighting has gone up and there is supposed to be a central stage for entertainment but this is a lot of money to spend on something that frankly, could have enhanced other areas of the park.

Journey Into Imagination

EPCOT - Figment Imagination
The entry point to Imagination, a Figment ride. Photo Credit: Brian Miller /

Figment is a guest favorite and always will be. The purple dragon's presence is becoming more and more prominent around the park and that is not a bad thing but if anyone really wants to stand up on a soapbox and say that area of the park isn't screaming for a renovation, I'll be happy to throw tomatoes.

The entire Journey building could use a massive overhaul and a new attraction would most certainly be applauded. The Disney/Pixar shorts theater could be removed as well. It serves only as an escape from the team anymore.

Truth is, this area is probably more in need of renovation and change than the announced retheming of Test Track. EPCOT imagineers and Disney execs are not seeing the full picture with their spending. World Celebration may look really good but will it bring in new guests to the park? Probably not as much as a retheme or redesign of Journey.

EPCOT central hub
EPCOT continues to get renovated. Photo credit: Brian Miller /

Money may have been better spent on adding a new nation to World Showcase at EPCOT.

When I think of World Showcase, I smile. I love the walk around the countries and the atmosphere each delivers as a whole and individually. But it is becoming somewhat, stale.

The addition of a crepe stand and the Remi ride were good additions to the France Pavilion. It pretty much ends there. The dark ride in Mexico could use a big upgrade as could any addition to Japan, Italy, and Germany.

We can all live with the lack of attractions but why is there no new addition to the entire showcase?

Personally, as much as everyone loves to walk by and look at the trains, that area is prime real estate for demolition and a new addition. Why not a Brazil pavilion? Or maybe rebuild the corner where the African pavilion should have gone?

There are so few countries represented in World Showcase. Yes, Canada is getting a makeover and that's great but it is time to expand this area.

Disney could have used the money to expand the park entirely with a new area.

The addition of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind was fantastic but what they should have done was make that entire area a prep for a new Marvel themed section of the park.

We know that there is some problems with bringing Marvel to Disney World due to the licensing that belongs to Universal. That doesn't necessarily mean you can't make some new additions. Obviously, they added Guardians.

Around that area is parking that could have been turned into another area of EPCOT. The money spent could have added more Marvel themed areas behind and around Guardians. In addition, the space between Guardians and Mission to Mars could have been upgraded and rebuilt. It used to serve as a demonstration station for some of the festivals.

Most of that was taken down but there is still room.

Finally, they could have simply spent the money to reimagine Spaceship Earth which is long overdue for an upgrade, refurbishment, or entirely new design.

Over the course of many years, small changes have come to Spaceship Earth but it doesn't take much time once on the attraction to realize, it is outdated. The big screen image of the woolie mammoths and the hunters is so washed out you can barely see it anymore.

The smells that came within the attraction are hardly noticeable and even the animatronics are stale, outdated, and needing upgrades.

There was supposed to be a shutdown and refurbish but COVID hit and those plans were delayed and remain in limbo.

World Celebration may end up being one of those upgrades guests will immediately love from the start or grow to love as the park travels down the road of time but with the money spent in an area that really was quite nice in it's simplicity, the money could have gone somewhere else.

Oh, and one more thing, the original Cool Zone was absolutely fantastic. For those that don't remember, you entered an ice cave through a short tunnel and plastic strips. It was cool inside and icy and was the reprieve from the heat that nothing else provides. It's nice to the Beverley still a part of the drink options but it is far too commercial now. And why can't you buy a case of those drinks you find in Zone?