The one ride at every Disney World park that warrants multiple experiences

There is so much more to a Disney World park than an actual ride attraction but in some cases, multiple experiences are warranted.
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Returning guests to Walt Disney World will tell you that visiting one of the four Orlando, Florida theme parks doesn't need to include riding "rides." You can visit a park and never step foot on one of the many rides.

Still, we also know that as returning guests there are those attractions that you just have to experience more than once. The biggest question is two-fold. One, what rides warrant another round and which singular attraction should you experience? Of course a third question would be, what rides warrant unlimited experiences?

We can start this journey at Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom
A Hippo swims through the Safi River at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando. Photo credit: Brian /

Animal Kingdom is the "quiet" Disney park. It has the shortest hours and does not feature a nighttime show. There is a rollercoaster and more but if you visit is there one attraction that simply can't be missed no matter how many times you experience it?

At Animal Kingdom, there are two.

The first must-experience attraction and I would argue the singular one you absolutely have to do is Kilimanjaro Safari. Why? It literally changes every time you ride it. Yes, the animals are all the same but they also are animals and each experience, even on the same day, will have different results.

Sometimes the elephants are playing in the water and sometimes a rhino is blocking the path. I have experienced a giraffe poking its head into the truck to lick someone's hat. It's an incredibly fun experience that will always offer something different in some way.

The 2nd is Avatar: Right of Passage. While the lines are typically long you can ride this over and over again and experience it differently each time based on your position in the "ride-theater." Each section offers a different experience that will often make you wonder if changes had been made.

Whether left or right, bottom, middle, or top, each experience changes the point of view and thus the perception and experience.