The one thing Disney parks need to do for AP holders that comes with a minimal cost

Disney parks are great but they are even better if you are an Annual Passholder. With all the perks that passholders receive, there is one thing Disney World has to be better with.
An assortment of Disney AP magnets
An assortment of Disney AP magnets /

From the moment you arrive at Disney World, AP owners are greeted with benefits. Discounts on preferred parking, free parking, even their own lane at the gate.

Inside the park, AP discounts and benefits are everywhere. Discounts on merchandise, discounts on drinks, and even in some locations, food. And this is where the biggest problem is, in my opinion.

The discounts are fine but Disney World needs to do better at letting passholders know where they can use their AP discounts.

At the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival, AP discounts used to be given but not anymore. That's fine. At the Flower and Garden Festival this past year, some food kiosks gave a discount while others did not and there are several snack carts in all of the parks that give discounts and some that do not.

So what's the problem? There is no clear way of knowing who does and who doesn't because the cast members don't always ask.

This shouldn't make you feel like you are begging and yet when I ask if they offer an AP discount, I typically as I'm sure many others do as well, get the "No, sorry we do not" reply.

How hard would it be to put a little sticker on the menu or on the front of a register that says, "AP discounts accepted"?

It sure would make things a lot smoother for everyone if you simply knew when you got to the register or were checking out at any food cart, kiosk, or vendor without having to ask.