The Simpsons could be coming to Disney World but it may not fit the "family" theme of the parks

The long running animated sitcom The Simpsons has been around since the 1980s and it may be coming to a Disney park soon.
Empire State Building Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of "The Simpsons"
Empire State Building Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of "The Simpsons" / Noam Galai/GettyImages

The Simpsons could be coming to a Disney World park in the next several years if new reports are to be believed but does it fit within the "family-themed" Disney parks?

New information speculates that Universal Studios Orlando could be ending their involvement with The Simpsons. The theme at Universal has been around quite a while but the ride at Universal hasn't been updated in years and the rights to the property will end in 2028.

Disney now own's 20th Century Fox who owns the animated series and the property rights. The deal with Universal allows them to continue using the property since they had it prior to Disney's purchase of 20th.

According to Daniel Kline of, the agreement could end sooner rather than later as it appears Universal has lost interest in continuing with the upkeep of The Simpsons ride.

The question then becomes whether or not Disney would add The Simpsons to one of their own Orlando parks? Fans of the parks would much rather see Marvel properties land in Orlando and that would come without much concern. The Simpsons, however, are a bit different.

I love The Simpsons and I have been around since the first airing of the first episode. I was around during the late 80s and 90s national outcry over the sitcoms content. Death, taxes, and a new Simpson's episode are the guarantees in life.

The Simpsons, however, are not really Disney family-centric. In fact, The Simpsons are pretty much everything Disney families are not, well they are like every other American family but that isn't what Disney represents.

Hollywood Studios makes the absolute most sense as The Simpsons don't fit even a little bit at any other park. HS has room for growth and a Simpsons' themed area could be cool...I would suggest Animation Station which I find horrible.

You still have to wonder if the unethical, beer-swigging, Homer Simpson and his dysfunctional family are fits for a theme park based on wholesome values and ideals. It would be an amazing counter-punch to what Disney wants to stand for.

I think a Simpsons presence to Hollywood Studio would be a fun addition to the parks and provide a more realistic representation of Americana. Maybe they should make a deal with Universal now to break the 2028 deadline and convert Rockin' Rollercoaster into a Simpson themed ride.