The worst Disney park is about to get a huge makeover into a World of Adventure!

The much-maligned Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris is about to undergo a huge makeover, including a new name! Find out more about how Disney hopes to revitalize this park!
Disneyland Paris Remains Closed While France Eases Lockdown
Disneyland Paris Remains Closed While France Eases Lockdown / Chesnot/GettyImages

The worst of all Disney parks is about to undergo a huge name change! Find out more about the change for Paris' Walt Disney Studios Park!

Disneyland Paris has been a bit of a bone of contention for the company. When it opened as Euro Disney in 1992, it became something of a joke for taking years to make anything close to a profit. Even Michael Eisner later admitted Disney made mistakes of misjudging the tourism market and building too many hotels. 

Still, the park eventually found its footing as Disneyland Paris to be a success. In 2002, they attempted an expansion with the Walt Disney Studios Park, basically a version of what was then called the Disney-MGM Studios. It was designed to look like a classic studio backlot with a few good rides like Crush's Coaster, their version of Tower of Terror, and the hit Ratatouille ride that later made its way to Epcot.

However, the Studios also quickly gained the reputation as the worst Disney park in the world. This isn't guests either; the Disney+ The Imagineering Story documentary has various Imagineers acknowledging the weaknesses of the park and how it was all done just to use up some available land. Many saw it as a huge missed opportunity to create something special rather than a budget-conscious knock-off. 

Now, on the anniversary of the opening of Disneyland Paris in 1992, Disney has announced that the upcoming World of Frozen expansion means a transformation of the Studios in a new Adventure.

What's new for Disney Adventure World?

The changes start with the name as the park finally lets go of the long outdated and tired Studios theme to become Disney Adventure World. That may sound more like some local fairground but the Studio theme never quite fit the Paris setting in the first place. 

It still has links to the Studios as the entrance, set to be finished in 2025, will now be themed as "World Premiere, an homage to Hollywood's historic movie theaters as well as the entire entertainment industry." The facade may be a reminder of the classic Great Movie Ride. 

According to the artwork from the press release, Adventure Bay is a 56.75-acre-foot body of water that will be equipped as a future home for entertainment spectaculars in the park, with fountains, music, lights and special effects capabilities. Leading into the Bay will be Adventure Way, which includes a new attraction, Raiponce Tangled Spin - a Tangled-themed spinner ride. There's also The Regal View Restaurant and Lounge, which will offer meet-and-greets with Disney princesses. 

World of Frozen will be beside a World Premiere Plaza that is set to have some new attractions, although Disney hasn't announced what yet. There will be Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland musical stage show that will open May 25. Disney is calling the production "an ultra-colorful, pop-rock face-off," in which two teams - representing Alice and the Queen of Hearts - "go head-to-head in a high-energy showdown, with high-flying acrobats pushing their limits, and two alternative endings decided by the audience."

Tom Fitzgerald, WDI's Chief Storytelling Executive and Senior Creative Executive for Disneyland Paris offered a statement on the huge changes.

"Today, we are changing the story of Walt Disney Studios Park, evolving from 'how it's done' soundstages to celebratory theaters and adventures that come to life in immersive worlds," Imagineer Tom Fitzgerald, WDI's Chief Storytelling Executive and Senior Creative Executive for Disneyland Paris, said. "These fully realized adventure worlds will become the focus of the park's new identity and appear as realms that guests discover as they navigate deeper within the park and are invited to participate in adventures inspired by our most beloved stories."

All this, of course, comes with World of Frozen, which, like Hong Kong Disneyland, will boast a full boat ride and more in a recreation of Arendelle. 

This is a major shift for Disneyland Paris and indicates Disney wants to boost tourism for the parks there. If nothing else, getting rid of what was holding back the weakest Disney park is a good thing. See how California Adventure's first years had it dismissed and the much-needed makeover made it more of a hit. Imagineers finally have a shot of making this the second gate they wanted back in 2002.

This park still has a lot of great attractions and this could be the shot in the arm it's needed. Thus, after two decades, this new Adventure World may finally make this second gate in Paris a must-visit for guests of Disneyland Paris.