These 10 Disney World restaurants are great to see but terrible to dine in

These 10 Disney World restaurants may boast some fantastic decor and views but sadly the food doesn't measure up to the appearance!
The Coral Reef Restaurant near the Living Seas exhibit. Photo by Brian Miller
The Coral Reef Restaurant near the Living Seas exhibit. Photo by Brian Miller /
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Earlier this year, Disney's Boardwalk closed down the long-standing Big River Grille. Doing so ended a restaurant long praised for its good location and vibe but also listed as one of the worst places to dine in Walt Disney World. This has made it clear that while some Disney World spots are truly amazing from the ambiance to the food, other places can frankly be lacking in the latter. 

Disney World has always been excellent in the theming of their restaurants. Even the fast counter service places have a fun vibe that make them stand out. There's also plentiful places offering fantastic food in amazing settings. Yet it's striking how some places can be beautiful in the theming, terrific to see and sit in, only for the actual meal to be lackluster, if not outright horrible.

Some folks may have their different likes and dislikes, and even the poorer places have their fans. Yet these must stand as ten Disney World restaurants that are great to view but not to eat at, and that decor doesn't make for a fine dining experience. 

10. Coral Reef Room, The Seas With Nemo

The problem with the Coral Reef is the inconsistency. The setting has always been one of Epcot's best, with the windows into the huge tanks of the Living Seas. Kids never get tired of watching the fish life float by with a menu emphasizing seafood but also some nice meats. 

The issue has been what kind of visit you're in for. For every person who gushes on a great time, there's someone else complaining about bad service, awful cooking and just a poor time. That it's so hit and miss what kind of visit you get is why, despite the good prices and fantastic fish life, it's hard to recommend the Coral Reef.