These 10 Disney World restaurants are great to see but terrible to dine in

These 10 Disney World restaurants may boast some fantastic decor and views but sadly the food doesn't measure up to the appearance!

The Coral Reef Restaurant near the Living Seas exhibit. Photo by Brian Miller
The Coral Reef Restaurant near the Living Seas exhibit. Photo by Brian Miller /
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9. Ohana, Polynesian Village resort

It's not just the food that's given Ohana a bad reputation but the service as well. Since 1995, this place has retained a great Pacific Islands vibe with the ambiance embracing the culture with the nice decor and a vibrant menu for the area. It's also home to a nice breakfast where Stitch drops by. 

The food, however, is as far from island flavoring, either way too sweet or too bland. The portions are also too large for some diners. The biggest issue is the service as horror stories abound of far too slow for the staff to get orders to meals taking way too long. It's sad that a place that pushes the "family" mantra can't offer good family dining. 

8. Chef Mickey's, Contemporary Resort

Some may argue about this as Chef Mickey's is well regarded as one of the best character breakfasts in all of Disney World. The location on the Contemporary Resort concourse is terrific, with guests able to see the monorail pass by, and of course, the kids adore Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and the rest mingling around for photo ops. The return of the buffet should also be a big deal.

Sadly, it doesn't fix the fact that the food remains pretty bad. It's not over or undercooked, simply poor ingredients as if an afterthought to the entire experience. Chef Mickey isn't bad price-wise for the character stuff, yet the food doesn't match that lovely area. 

7. Cinderella's Royal Table, Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World Resort Reopening
Walt Disney World Resort Reopening / Handout/GettyImages

This may be another controversial choice, yet others can back it up. Dining in Cinderella's Castle should be a wonderful experience, and kids do love the ambiance. Walking up that spiral staircase to enter the dining hall is a glorious sight with beautiful views of the park and an experience you won't forget…until the meal is served.

This is not some new phenomenon with a new menu but goes all the way back to when it was King Stefan's. The pork, beef and chicken are bland without seasoning and the desert menu is downright lazy. There's also the frankly outrageous prices, so while it may be popular for the princesses, there's little royal about the actual dining here.