These ten places in Walt Disney World will make a proposal more magical

With Valentine's Day coming, it's no better time to see the ten best places in Walt Disney World to pop the question!
She said yes: A proposal, complete with mouse ears, in front of Cinderella Castle on Aug. 31, 2019.
She said yes: A proposal, complete with mouse ears, in front of Cinderella Castle on Aug. 31, 2019. / Britt Kennerly, FLORIDA TODAY, Florida

With Valentine's Day around the corner, Walt Disney World is becoming a prime spot for couples. Whether it's folks dating, those on a honeymoon, newlyweds, celebrating an anniversary or more, Disney World is a surprisingly popular place for people. It's also a great place for someone wanting to pop the question to the person they're ready to spend the rest of their lives with.

Disney is not only okay with it but embraces its place as a proposal spot. There are so many places to do it, as some will pick a favorite attraction even as others go for the big landmarks. Some may have their own personal spots, but these likely rank as the ten best places to propose at Disney World. Yet any area there can make this already great moment even more magical. 

10. Animal Kingdom Maharajah Jungle Trek

Animal Kingdom
A Giraffe strolls along the Kilimanajaro Safari at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Photo credit: Brian Miller /

The Jungle Trek is one of those places in the Animal Kingdom that's meant for a relaxing walk after the hustle and bustle of the bigger rides. Families like exploring the area with tigers and other beasts around amid recreations of temples. It also offers some prime proposal places, the biggest being the nice walkways by the temple area. There are also some of the bridges and other places, and it's fun to have a tiger or such in the background. Frame it right, and this could make a wonderful photo. 

9. The California Grill Fireworks Deck

It's an expensive spot, to be sure, but the California Grill is worth it, not just in food but its spectacular views of the Magic Kingdom. Guests love the terrific banquet meals, timed for the nightly fireworks displays with the special deck to observe them. To little surprise, several people will pick this area to pop the question, often to the applause of other diners watching. Some may choose to do it during the dinner or wait for the fireworks themselves, but either way, it's another reason getting reservations for the Grill can outdo the wait times for any ride. 

8. The Boardwalk 

Entrance to Disney's Boardwalk resort...
Entrance to Disney's Boardwalk resort... / John Greim/GettyImages

The Boardwalk by the Epcot area is a top spot for nightlife in Disney World. It's also got a lovely vibe with the old-school architecture and makes for a fun walk at nighttime. That also makes it tops for proposals as the long pier by the water affords plenty of spots to do it with some nice backdrops. You can choose a remote place or right in the middle of it all, with the other resorts framing it. Time it for the fireworks can be even better and add to the Boardwalk's draw as a fun place for adults. 

7. The Tree Of Life Trails

Tree of Life at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom
Tree of Life at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom. Image courtesy Rob Schwarz Jr. /

Folks always love popping the question in front of a landmark Disney attraction. Given few are as huge as the Tree of Life, a nature-themed proposal amid the lovely trails makes sense. The trails themselves are an underrated nice walk showing the Tree and the various animal life around it. Couples can find a nice spot that Disney openly encourages as somewhere to propose set right by the Tree. Whether in the daytime or with the gorgeous night lights, popping the question in the Animal Kingdom gets an engagement off to a roaring start. 

6. Morocco's Halls

Morocco - Epcot
Morocco at Epcot's World Showcase. Photo by Brian Miller /

Morocco has always been the least visited of the various World Showcase pavilions. That's a shame, given its lovely architecture and nice history of the Middle East. Thankfully, the lack of crowds makes it the best spot in Epcot to pull off a proposal without being interrupted. The top location is the fountain located at the center of the pavilion but the halls are better, especially with the exquisite artwork as its background. This is a very underrated romantic area in Epcot, and the lack of huge crowds adds to the appeal of proposing here. 

5. The United Kingdom Gardens

Epcot World Showcase - United Kingdom
The United Kingdom pavilion at Epcot offers food, music, and The Beatles! /

The United Kingdom pavilion at Epcot has a nice vibe, as you can feel like you're going from London to a small village to the lovely gardens. It's quiet and out of the way, so a perfect proposal spot. If you want to time it for the Food and Wine or Garden Festivals, it adds something nice, yet any time of the year is good, with the quiet walkways adding to the special appeal. It makes for a fun spot to pop the question, and if you tie it to a honeymoon in London, it's better. 

4. The Bay Lake Beaches

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa at Walt Disney World
Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa at Walt Disney World. Photo courtesy of Matthew Liebl /

The huge lake before the Magic Kingdom is home to the original trio of resorts in the Contemporary, Polynesian and Fort Wilderness, alongside the Grand Floridian. The lush beaches are busy in the daytime with the various families, but at night, they make for a wonderful romantic spot to pop the question. The Polynesian may be best with the tiki torches about yet the Grand Flordian's lush design makes it a lovely background for those taping the proposal. No matter which resort you choose, getting down on one knee on the sand makes the proposal more special. 

3. Fireworks Cruise

Mickey and Mini, along with fireworks greeted the Disney Wish after it docked at Cruise Terminal
Mickey and Mini, along with fireworks greeted the Disney Wish after it docked at Cruise Terminal / MALCOLM DENEMARK/FLORIDA TODAY / USA

This might as well just label itself the "proposal boat ride." Sure, these private boat rides can be used by married couples or anniversaries, but they are also prime for popping the question. They can be rented for use by either the Magic Kingdom or Epcot areas to see the fireworks, a gorgeous romantic setting. That's the perfect backdrop for showing off the ring and the captain ready to take photos. It may be an obvious choice, but it works as a great way to show off a nice proposal photo. 

2. Epcot's France

Epcot France Pavilion
Morocco shopping district at Epcot. /

If there's one city on Earth more used to wedding proposals than any other, it's Paris. So it's only natural that Epcot's version is just as busy. It's as if the 1981 Imagineers planned some top proposal spots for the area: The fountain, the garden maze, the bridge, the lagoon, the Eiffel Tower replica, even the restaurants or Ratatouille ride. It can be day, night, during fireworks, over a dinner, or heading out of the park, but for those who can't afford a trip to the real Paris, this is the next best thing. 

1. Cinderella's Castle

Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom Cinderella's Castle at night
Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom Cinderella's Castle at night. Image courtesy Matt Liebl /

Cliche? Maybe. But there's a good reason for that, as who wouldn't want to make a proposal magical by getting down on one knee in front of the most iconic of Disney castles? It can be at the bridge, by the Wishing Well area, by the rear or just have it in the background. The truly romantic can wait for the fireworks to make it even more spectacular. There's a good reason why this castle is such a must for those wanting to propose and hard to go a week without a couple of them happening.