This attraction at Magic Kingdom has the longest average wait time and makes no sense

J. M. Barrie 's 'Peter Pan'
J. M. Barrie 's 'Peter Pan' / Culture Club/GettyImages

Across from "It's a Small World" is Peter Pan's Flight, a ride like few others at any Disney park and one that typically boasts a wait time that rivals any other Disney attraction. The question is why?

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Peter Pan's Flight, but I understand the draw. It's a continuous loop attraction that does something that no other attraction does: it lifts you into the air. The attraction literally sweeps you into the air as you travel over downtown London on your way to Neverland.

The ride is not long, and before you realize it, you're heading back to Magic Kingdom, figuratively speaking, of course. Here, you can ride along with Wendy and her brothers, whip through Neverland as you race against Captain Hook, and experience the joys of flight while jumping around with the Lost Boys.

Most of the attraction's highlights are below you and that makes for an interesting ride through. One of the original Disney attractions, it still holds one of those few interests that linger for a long time. Is it something you should or shouldn't miss? It may be one that you later wish you had ridden if you opt not to.

At a wait time that often comes close to 75 minutes to 90 minutes, Peter Pan may be one of those attractions that you say, "Not worth it" and you might be right but if you are willing to wait for 7 Dwarfs Mine Ride, this might be a better option for you and your family. There is little thrill in Dwarfs.