This Disney World park is nearly worthless when attractions go down

A look down the strip towards the Runaway Railroad ride. Photo Credit: Brian Miller
A look down the strip towards the Runaway Railroad ride. Photo Credit: Brian Miller /

When it comes to surviving a day at one of the four Disney World parks, one stands out as a wasted day when attractions go down.

Hollywood Studios can be a fun day spent walking around attractions that bring you into the movies or the world of music and film but when you see an attraction like Rise of the Resistance go down while the park has closed other attractions for refurbishment, is there much to do?

One of the big problems with an attraction shutting down is that it increases wait times at other attractions around the park. It makes guests more irritable as well. At Hollywood, it can cripple the day.

Hollywood only has a handful of "can't miss" attractions. Rise of the Resistance is one of them. Rockin' Rollercoaster is another. Rockin is down for an extended refurbishment period and Rise goes down quite a bit.

When those are down or closed, the Hollywood Tower of Terror, already a long wait, sees increased wait times. Over in Toy Storyland, we see more line wait times with Slinky Dog Dash and the Toy Story Mania carnival 3D attraction.

The problem is Hollywood's best attractions are the trio of Rise, Rockin, and Tower. The rest are quite boring and standing in long lines isn't something guests want to do for something that many consider mediocre.

One option is to use a Park Hopper option every time you go to Hollywood Studios. This way, if rides shut down, you can jump the Skyliner to EPCOT and at least do something different.

Hollywood, of all parks, experiences more attraction shutdowns than others. Pirates of the Caribbean is another that seems to go down quite a bit as well at Magic Kingdom but there is far more to do at MK than just about any other park.