This Disney World resort is booking for over $4,000 per night and it is not even close to worth it

Sometimes you can jump on a travel site and find a great bargain for some of the Disney World resort hotels. Sometimes, you find the biggest rip off.

Disney Resort hotels. Photo credit: Brian Miller
Disney Resort hotels. Photo credit: Brian Miller /

During the weekend of January 6th, the Disney Marathon will take place and apparently, that is a great reason to jack the price up on at least one Disney resort.

To be fair, this isn't a Disney property actually owned by Disney. Doing a little research into purchasing reservations through travel sites, I came across the Dolphin Resort. The great thing about this resort is that you can walk to EPCOT or take a ferry to the park. You can also walk to the Disney Boardwalk and Hollywood Studios.

For the price they are asking that weekend, you may want to just sit in your room. Booking right now will cost you $4,104 per night making a 7-night stay, including taxes, cost you $32,632.

So this can't be right I said. There is no way this property is booking at that rate. So I jumped over to the actual resort's website and exhaled in joy. Booking through The Swan and Dolphin site will reduce that number by nearly $3,500. The average rate for the hotel is anywhere between $281 to $340 per night.

This is a fantastic resort to stay at. The rooms are nice but far from being exotic. The location is incredible though and the grounds are meticulously manicured. If you are looking for a great pool, this one checks the boxes with an incredily large area to swim in, a bridge to swim under, and a waterfall that will beckon you.

Just don't bother checking Expedia right now.