This underrated Epcot show is the perfect way to celebrate the 4th of July at Disney World

The Voices of Liberty don't get that much press but this singing group is the best way for Epcot guests to celebrate Independence Day!
Maddie & Tae Visit Walt Disney World Resort
Maddie & Tae Visit Walt Disney World Resort / Handout/GettyImages

With the 4th of July coming, Disney World is home to some big events, mostly involving fireworks. There are also folks flocking to Liberty Square, with its rich history and nailing the aspects of original colonial life from the Liberty Bell to the tree of lanterns and the Hall of Presidents a vivid look at American history. 

The American Adventure also gets attention, of course. It’s been a mainstay of Epcot since it opened in 1982, even though originally Disney wasn’t sure of putting it in. With a look at the nations of the world, having the U.S. represented seemed a bit much but they decided to do it. 

The highlight is that amazing show, one of the best in all of WDW history. Its mix of audio-animatronics, video, music and more combine into a terrific tribute to American history from start to the modern day and “Golden Dreams” one of the most beautiful songs ever crafted.

However, the American Adventure is also home to one of the most underrated acts in Epcot and Disney World itself that makes for a must-listen at any time, especially at the 4th of July: The Voices of Liberty.

One of the best parts of World Showcase has long been the performers at each World Showcase pavilion. One of the bigger draws when the park opened was how they captured the feel for each country and matches well. Mexico has a traditional band, China has acrobats, it’s always Oktoberfest in Germany and the UK has its quirky street performers.

For the American Adventure, Disney kept to the colonial theme with the Voices of Liberty. It’s a simple idea, four men and four women in classic colonial garb singing a capella songs tied to American history. The sets run 15 minutes and often a good way for guests waiting for the next showing of the American Adventure to kill time. 

Yet even if you don’t want to see the main show, the Voices is a performance that is not to be missed. The songs shift in each performance, running from old-styled tunes to a bit more modern, and, yes, a few Disney ones tossed in too. The singers give it their all and their energy is aided by the acoustics of the interior building so their voices truly ring out proudly. 

Like all Disney World performers, the Voices were silenced for a while in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When Epcot reopened, the group would perform in the outdoor theater before finally returning to the interior in the summer of 2022.

This coincided with a change of costumes as the traditional colonial garb is now replaced by blue dresses for the women and red shirts and darker pants for the men, which some fans may be disappointed in. 

Thankfully, the fantastic singing remains the same and it’s better at the holidays with them returning to classic costumes and singing old-fashioned Christmas tunes.

For the 4th of July, the group goes all out with special performances, often with unique lighting and the best patriotic songs, including the national anthem. The songs again range across the centuries, showing the amazing variety the group utilizes and always magnificent.

Through the years, no matter the outfits and the songs, the Voices of Liberty still ring out to make for the perfect Independence Day celebration for any Epcot visit.