Walt Disney World annual pass prices increased: Here's how much they cost now

An assortment of Disney AP magnets
An assortment of Disney AP magnets /

Earlier this year, Disney CEO Bob Iger admitted that the company was "too aggressive" with its theme park price hikes. Fast forward a few months later, and what do we have? An increase in ticket prices.

On the bright side, the cost of single- or multi-day tickets isn't increasing; however, the prices of annual passes have increased across the board. Depending on the pass you have (or plan on getting, you'll be paying anywhere between $30 to $50 more.

Here's a quick look at the before and after prices for every Disney World Annual Pass:

  • Incredi-Pass: $1,449 (was $1,399)
  • Sorcerer Pass: $999 (was $969)
  • Pirate Pass: $799 (was $749)
  • Pixie Dust Pass: $439 (was $399)

The price of renewal has also gone up in conjunction with the increases prices. Here are the new renewal prices for each Annual Pass.

  • Incredi-Pass: $1,229
  • Sorcerer Pass: $849
  • Pirate Pass: $679
  • Pixie Dust Pass: $369

The rise in prices comes at a time when Disney stock has been beaten down. The stock is down nearly 10% on the year, and fell to a nine-year low in late August. Disney's theme parks division has been one of the few bright spots for the beleaguered company but with a recession looming on the horizon, one has to question the timing of this move.

Disney's Annual Passes are designed to bolster theme park attendance during the slower seasons but many Annual Passholders are fed up with the constant increase in prices. With many Americans strapped for cash and starting to cut back on frivolous spending, will Annual Passholders start to cancel their passes to save some money?

Disney also increased the price for Standard Parking at the parks, which is now $30 for cars (a $5 increase). Preferred Parking now ranges from $45 to $55, depending on your vehicle type. Thankfully, parking is a perk included with each Annual Pass tier. Parking is also free for anyone who stays at a Disney Resort on property.