5 most underrated restaurants in Walt Disney World

Photo: Enriching Grains and Fruit / Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Sanaa.. Image Courtesy Disney
Photo: Enriching Grains and Fruit / Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Sanaa.. Image Courtesy Disney /
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3. Jungle Skipper Canteen (Magic Kingdom)

Opened in 2015, the Jungle Skipper Canteen is often easy to miss amid the other offerings in the Magic Kingdom. That’s surprising given its proximity to the always-popular Jungle Cruise ride. The interior is broad and open with colors that pop and a “mess hall” feel alongside some specially designed rooms resembling everything from libraries to laboratories. That means the seating can be different on every visit.

As for the food, the chicken and steak options are fantastic and presented with great flair. Yet it’s the location and setting that makes the Canteen the most overlooked dining spot in the Magic Kingdom and deserves more love. 

2. Trattoria al Forno (Disney's Boardwalk)

When folks think of Italian food at WDW, they first think of the eateries at the Italy pavilion in Epcot. Yet arguably, the best Italian offerings are at this spot on Disney’s Boardwalk. A newly upgraded menu offers classic Italian fare, and it’s notable for the open kitchen that lets guests see the chefs at work.

Its place on the Boardwalk offers some views of the lovely lake area, and the breakfast menu is just as appealing. Note that the restaurant is undergoing some refurbishment but is expected to reopen soon with a fun new look to go with its great food to make it an underrated Italian eatery. 

1. Sanaa (Animal Kingdom Lodge)

Somehow, Sanaa never gets the love it deserves as a fine restaurant. Located in Kidani Village at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, the menu leans heavily into African and Indian-inspired food with stunningly beautiful African-themed decor. The Indian Bread is a must-have, and the food presentation and cooking are always top-notch.

There are still some casual offerings, like a classic New York strip steak, but the eclectic menu is fun. Best of all are the views of the savannah with giraffes and other animals. Put it all together, and Sanaa should be far more popular yet a marvelous meal for those who go there.

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