Weather Report: Your weekend outlook for January 26th -28th at Disney World and Disneyland

Nothing is worse than planning your big week or weekend to a Disney park only to forget to check the weather. It can be horrible.
Walt Disney World in Orange County
Walt Disney World in Orange County / Anadolu/GettyImages

Will the weather this week make a splash and get you wet at Disney World? Will a warm trend give you perfect weather at Disneyland? Let's find out.

Disney World - Lake Buena Vista, Fl.

Friday will kick off the weekend and the EPCOT Festival of the Arts continues.

Friday will usher in some more typical central Florida weather. A high of 82 will be waiting for you but in the evenings the temperatures will drop into the low 70s with overnight temps down to 64. This is nearly perfect weather for a trip around the World Showcase for the festival or to take in the late nights at Magic Kingdom.

Saturday - Saturday will see a high of 84 with partly cloudy skies and those visiting the parks will likely get the feeling that it is pushing higher. Overnight temps again will be in the upper 60s with early evening temps dropping into the 70s.

Sunday - Early risers will be met with rain. There is a 62% of rain in the morning but the temperatures will be much lower after the front moves through. Guests at the parks will enjoy midday temperatures in the mid-70s with early evening temperatures falling into the 60s. Overnight temps will drop to near or just below 50.

While Disney World will have agreeable weather what can you expect on the West Coast?

Whether you are heading to Disney's California Adventure Park or Disneyland, you may want to be ready for some lower temperatures this weekend.

Friday - Daytime temperatures will be in the lower 70s with overnight temps in the low 50s. Early evening temperatures should hover around the upper to lower 60s.

Saturday - Partly cloudy skies will join wonderful upers 70s to low 80s. Overnight temps will dip to the mid-50s but early evening temps should be perfect for walking the parks.

Sunday - Cloudy skies and a repeat of Saturday.

Check back on Sunday for a look ahead to next weeks weather!