What's coming to Disney + in September other than the premier of the new Little Mermaid!

The Little Mermaid swims to Disney+ in September along with some big MCU specials among other programs!
Halle Bailey as Ariel in Disney's live-action THE LITTLE MERMAID. Photo courtesy of Disney. © 2023
Halle Bailey as Ariel in Disney's live-action THE LITTLE MERMAID. Photo courtesy of Disney. © 2023 /

A new month means new premieres on Disney+. While still offering new episodes of Ahsoka, the streamer has some big stuff coming from the home premiere of a massive summer film to some MCU specials and more. Here’s a look at what’s coming to Disney+ in September!

The big entry for the month is the premiere of the live-action version of The Little Mermaid. Halle Bailey takes on the role of Ariel, searching for love for Prince Eric, with a cast including Melissa McCarthy as Ursula. The movie adds some new songs to the classic everyone knows by heart and can now be viewed at home. 

For MCU fans, the Marvel Studios Assembled series has two specials taking a look at the making of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 and Secret Invasion with some unique secrets revealed. Also, Star Wars fans will want to check out Master & Apprentice, a special examining the character of Ahsoka. 

There’s also a new season of the fun short series I Am Groot, alongside a few specials marking the anniversary of 9/11. Here’s the full schedule for what to expect on Disney+ in September. 

Tuesday, September 5

All Wet

Trolley Troubles

Wednesday, September 6

9/11: One Day in America (Season 1, 6 Episodes)

The Little Mermaid

I Am Groot (Season 2 Premiere, All Shorts Streaming)

Star Wars: Ahsoka (Episode 4)

Friday, September 8

2000s Greatest Tragedies (Special)

The Barn Dance

Bin Laden’s Hard Drive (Special)

Bone Trouble

George W. Bush: The 9-11 Interview (Special)


Mickey’s Kangaroo

Playful Pluto

Pluto, Junior

Wednesday, September 13

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (Season 5, 7 Episodes)

Raven’s Home (Season 6, 4 Episodes)

Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends (Season 2, 7 Episodes)

Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (Premiere)

Star Wars: Ahsoka (Episode 5)

Animals Up Close with Bertie Gregory (Premiere, All Episodes Streaming)

Friday, September 15

Lang Lang Plays Disney (Premiere)

Master & Apprentice: A Special Look at Ahsoka (Premiere)

Wednesday, September 20

The Ghost and Molly McGee (Season 2, 4 Episodes)

PJ Masks: Power Heroes (Season 1, 5 Episodes)

Star Wars: Ahsoka (Episode 6)

Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of Secret Invasion (Premiere)

Wednesday, September 27

To Catch a Smuggler (Season 5, 8 Episodes)

Pupstruction: Season 1 (Season 1, 6 Episodes)

Star Wars: Ahsoka (Episode 7)

Friday, September 29

Marvel Studios Legends

Disney’s Launchpad (Season 2, New Shorts Streaming)