What's going to be different with Goosebumps Season 2?

Disney+ has renewed Goosebumps for a second season but it's going to look a lot different! Why will Season 2 have a different direction?
Goosebumps on Disney+ and Hulu on Oct. 13, 2023.
Goosebumps on Disney+ and Hulu on Oct. 13, 2023. /

Good news for those who love some scares. Disney+ has ordered a second season of Goosebumps for the streamer. However, it’s going to be a much different look for the popular show.

Based on the long-running hit series of YA novels by R.L. Stine, Goosebumps mixed in elements of various books. The main plotline centered on a group of teenagers who find themselves mixed into supernatural events that are tied to a dark event in which their parents were involved.

The show was a good success for the streamer, as per Disney, the series premiere drew 4.2 million total views globally across Disney+ and Hulu in its first three days of availability. Yet given Disney+’s record of axing some shows after one season, there were concerns Goosebumps might also be one and done.

Thankfully, that’s not the case as the show is coming back. Only don’t expect it to be the same. 

What’s different with Goosebumps Season 2?

For those hoping for a follow-up of the monstrous dummy “Slappy,” you’re out of luck. It appears the producers are now going for an anthology approach, not unlike the popular horror series American Horror Story. Thus, Season 2 will boast a completely new storyline and cast while mixing in more elements of Stine’s novels. 

The official description of Season 2 confirms the different story. 

"Teenage siblings discover a threat within their home, setting off a chain of events that unravel a profound mystery. As they delve into the unknown, the duo find themselves entangled in the story of five teenagers who mysteriously vanished in 1994."

Ayo Davis, President of Disney Branded Television, added more in a statement. 

“Audiences everywhere fell in love with the series’ chills, thrills, heart and humor, making it one of Disney Branded Television’s most-watched shows of last year,.e can’t wait to dive deeper into the brilliant mind of R.L. Stine, and to collaborate once again with Sony Pictures Television, Scholastic Entertainment, and our fantastic creative team to bring an entirely new mystery to Disney+ for season two.”

It’s a bit of a surprise for the show to change like this, but it makes sense for various reasons. 

Why is Goosebumps different for Season 2?

The obvious reason for the change may be budget, as it would be easier for Disney to hire a new batch of actors rather than resign the first season’s cast for new deals. Yet, it can also simply be that the story itself dictates it. The first season did end on a solid note, wrapping up the main storyline, so continuing with the same characters would have been a challenge.

The Goosebumps books always change plotlines and characters from one book to another. Thus, it’s logical a second season would also have a different story with no ties to Season 1. There are a variety of anthology series that make it work like FX’s Fargo and the property lends itself well to this genre. Like Season 1, it can work in elements of various books together and still keep to the scares.

Either way, fans of the series can be hopeful Season 2 is even better and provides another fun mix of scares and thrills to make this series a scary delight. 

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