What's to love about Disney Lorcana's gameplay?

Lorcana has cemented its place in my gaming collection after only a short time being released
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When Disney announced that they were venturing into the collectible card game industry, my immediate reaction was, "How are they going to convince me to buy their product compared to all the other collectible card games, like Pokemon and Magic the Gathering, that already have a stronghold on the market?"

That question may still be up in the air for many, but for me, I am definitely adding Lorcana to my board game collection. Let me tell you why.

For my family of 4, it's hard to find a game that is interesting for adults and yet simple enough for my two younger children. I have tried various forms of games, some work well and others don't. For example, it's fun to play games like Pokemon with my kids, but I often find that there's just too much going on to know what to do next for them. We have to play open handed, which is fine to learn, but there's so much to teach them.

Opening up the starter decks for Lorcana cemented the game in my collection. Why? No matter what, you can't really get stuck! So often in card games, I need a certain combination of cards and/or energy to win the game. I know collectors would say that Lorcana has a lot of strategy involved, the issue of not being able to do anything on my turn did not appear when I played with my family.

I should note that I'm planning to just play with the initial three starter decks for now due to ease of play, but Lorcana is so easy to switch out cards because what matters is that you can just use any combination of two colors for your deck. It will be interesting to see how those combinations work, but if I get an awesome card of my favorite character in a booster pack, it's an easy switch, one-for-one with something currently in my deck. That's amazing!

I don't have to worry too much about making the new card work in my deck because all of the energy for the game is ink. That's right, just ink. No worrying about types of energy, just how much ink... This is a game changer for me! My kids can understand that if a card is used as ink, it will be there for the game as one "energy".

You can use the ink to get characters onto your side of the board, and while I'm oversimplifying it, that's about it. All my family can enjoy the game, get our favorite characters on the board, and have some fun trying to get to 20 points. You will see when you play how much fun it can be. I hope you will try it and enjoy Disney Lorcana.

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