What that green drink you see around EPCOT is and where you can get it!

Over the years, there have been plenty of drinks that people walk around the Disney World parks with. A few times, you just have to stop and ask. Last week, I had to know what the green drink was that people were walking around EPCOT with.
The Rose and Crown at EPCOT's U.K. Pavilion
The Rose and Crown at EPCOT's U.K. Pavilion /

The drink is bright green highlighted with a cherry at the top and an orange slice. It calls to you and you can't help but notice it when someone walks by. So naturally, when I saw it, I had to stop someone and ask.

"It's called a Welsh Dragon," the nice lady who was two-fisting the drinks. "At the Crown" she said.

So I headed over to the Rose and Crown located in the U.K. Pavilion and ordered up the $13.00 coctail and my only complaint is that I didn't order two.

And there it was. Someone in front of me had just ordered it as well. Naturally, I had to try it and I was not disappointed, only that I had to share it with my wife.

It is made from Peach Schnapps, melon liquor, creme-de-mente, and pineapple juice. It has a sweet note that isn't overpowered by the mint or the melon. I do recommend swirling it a bit to get the best mix but overall, it's a walkaway drink that you won't regret.

I haven't seen this before at the R&C so finding it was a nice bonus.

Overall, I would rate this higher than the Tokyo Sunrise and the Violet Saki you get at Japan and there is more of it!

Is it worth it? Absolutely and I can't wait to try and make this at home at some point!