Where to find the Disney 100 signs at all four Disney World parks in Orlando

There is only one chance to get a 100 year anniversary photo with the big 100 sign that is at every Disney World park right now. Make sure you know where to look so you don't miss them.

Disney 100 sign. Photo credit: Brian Miller
Disney 100 sign. Photo credit: Brian Miller /

The Disney 100th celebration is currently in full swing at Disney World and at Disneyland California. At Disney World in Orlando, the 100th Anniversary can be seen everywhere from merchandise shops to cast member pins, character outfits, and of course, the big 100 sign that is at every park.

Knowing where to find them should be relatively easy you would think but I was surprised at how many guests were asking about them on a recent trip to the parks. After speaking with a cast member about this earlier today, they too said a lot of guests are not sure where to find them.

I decided that for those guests heading to Disney World before the celebration ends, it might a good idea to know where these signs are at. I have them listed from the easiest to the hardest but none of them are really all that hard.

Disney 100
Disney 100 sign. Photo credit: Brian Miller /

Animal Kingdom - AK is the easiest one to locate and the only way you miss it is by not paying attention. You literally have to walk by it in order to get into the Animal Kingdom park. Simply keep an eye out as you walk towards the ticket windows and voila' there it is!

Disney 100
Disney 100 sign at Magic Kingdom. Photo credit: Brian Miller /

Magic Kingdom - It isn't the easiest as we noted but that doesn't mean that it isn't easy. In fact, you actually can't miss this one either. It is in front of central station as you enter the park through the ticket gates. The pumpkins in the photo will be changed out as the holiday's roll on but just look for the one spot that everyone takes photos of and you got it.

Disney 100
Disney 100 sign. Photo credit: Brian Miller /

EPCOT - This is the only Disney 100 sign that is not located outside of the park and as a result you could potentially miss it. If you enter the park and go to the right toward the Living Land and Soarin' attractions you could skip right into World Showcase and miss it entirely.

If you go to the left toward Guardians of the Galaxy and the Horizon building you would miss it as well. To find it, simply walk either way and look back around to the center entrance near Port of Entry to World Showcase near the central construction walls.

It isn't as noticeable as the others and is easily missed but if you make your way towards the big gift shop (Creations) it will be between there and World Showcase.

Disney 100
Disney 100 sign Hollywood Studios. Photo credit: Brian Miller /

Hollywood Studios - You would think this would be an easy one to find but believe it or not, I was asked more about this one than any other park. At first I couldn't figure out why then I took a better look at the entry.

To get through security you have to go to the left of the ticket gate unless you are early and both the left and center security entry points are open.

When you enter on the left, you actually enter in front of the Disney 100 sign that will then be in front of you and to the right. This sign sits a little further toward the EPCOT ferryboat and if you come in by that entry you will run right into it.

Overall, it may sound simple but the signs are giving some guests a little trouble finding them. Now, you don't have to worry about it.