Who should be cast in Disney's live-action Frozen movie?

A battle between two boys and a princess...
Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!
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Frozen and Frozen II have stolen the hearts of many people in recent years. Only viewers with truly frozen hearts wouldn’t enjoy the story of sibling bonding, fantastic Academy Award-winning songs, and magic snowmen!  But now the question comes in: “How can Disney translate an animated movie into a live-action film without losing it's zest and spark?”

One way that live-action films rate high in the box-office charts, is by having a talented cast! While Idina Menzel’s voice in Let It Go has been living in my mind space rent-free for a few years now, I’ve also daydreamed about a live-action cast for other characters and I think I’ve finally settled on a couple.

Chris Pratt
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First is Kristoff. He’s a big, charming, innocent teddy bear who is so secure in his masculinity that he never worries when Anna is off doing Anna things. He also is a gentleman who would strive to always do the next right thing…even if it means that it’s not in his own best interest. When thinking of real-world people who could pull off such an important role I instantly think of Chris Pratt.  

Time and time again Chris Pratt has shown himself to be able to play the traditional gentleman or the trustworthy guy that anyone can rely on. He possesses the humor and charm that makes Kristoff unique, (not to mention the muscles he has, to be able to sweep a girl off her feet). I can absolutely visualize Chris Pratt tramping through the snow, wearing Norwegian clothes, and singing songs with his best reindeer friend. Someone call up Disney and let them know they have a golden opportunity here, please!

Chris Pine
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Of course, with the mention of Kristoff comes to mind the thought of Hans. Charming, graceful, eloquent, deceitful…wait a minute here. Casting a person for this role will require no small amount of skill with acting like you’re acting like you’re something you’re not. Savvy? I hate to type-cast people, but I truly believe it’s time to dig out the perfect, I mean charming, prince for this! Enter Chris Pine (a lot of Chris’ here huh?) Demonstrated in Disney’s movie Into the Woods, Chris Pine's charming skills strike again! Pull out the stoppers and give this guy a musical number, a kingdom, a form-fit suit, and a mirror to fix his perfect hair! Shall we see Chris Pine prance into this role? I sure hope so!

That's all I've got for now folks! Who do you think would be the best people cast in the live-action movie of Frozen?