Why I will never eat at the EPCOT Biergarten again after year's of anticipation

The Biergarten Restaurant. Image courtesy Brian Miller
The Biergarten Restaurant. Image courtesy Brian Miller /

For years, I have wanted nothing more than to dine at the Biergarten restaurant at the German Pavilion in EPCOT. I finally did.

It is no secret that dining at any Disney World restaurant is expensive. Some prices may go as high as $72.00 per person, Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom, anyone? At Beirgarten, the showcase buffet style dining experience in World Showcase, $52.00 felt like a steal.

When it comes to dining at any restaurant, I'm a cheapskate. I don't like paying for food but sometimes, I am pleasantly surprised. In Disney Springs, House of Blues is money well spent. At Magic Kingdom, Liberty Tree Tavern has my heart and "Thanksgiving soul." I was hoping for the same at Biergarten.

First, the atmosphere is incredible. There is a small-town Bavarian-esque feel to the place probably because it is designed that way. The tables are staggard towards a dance floor and performance stage.

The entertainment is good as you are treated with German music and they get points for style and presentation.

Biergarten restaurant
Live entertainment at the Biergarten is a fun addition to an otherwise boring dining experience. Image courtesy Brian Miller /

The service was, as should be expected, fantastic and exceptional. Unfortunately, the accolades end there.

Clearly, you pay more for the ambiance of Disney restaurants. The food and environment at the France restaurant that everyone can see into is amazing and the food is just as good. In Mexico, the themed restaurant inside the Mayan-style pyramid is decent enough.

What I was disappointed the most with was the taste of the food. That isn't something I expected.

Biergarten Restaurant
The Biergarten buffet at the German Pavilion at EPCOT. Image courtesy Brian Miller /

You start on the left or the right, there are two identical lines with the same offerings. A salad bar to start that doesn't offer much "German" food. Pasta salad, macaroni salad, regular salad, beets, and green beans (this was by far the most tasty of all the dishes...simply green beans with garlic and onions). There was also a nice cucumber and sour cream dish that was enjoyable.

Next there is "traditional" sausages, liverwurst, a fried potato dish, and yes, Spatzle.

The sausages lacked a depth of flavor. A total letdown for something that is so traditional in Germany. The Spatzel was something I couldn't wait to eat and I left it on my plate after one bite. Bland and un-flavorful, it would have been better with anything on it at all...like maybe salt.

Overall, the entire meal left a lot to be desired and I found myself unimpressed by the time we headed to the dessert table.

From an unimpressive and tasteless carving option of roasted meat and a rotisserie chicken that lacked anything original and could easily be bought with far more flavor at the nearest Publix.

I didn't mind spending the money but I was glad that it was just my son and I instead of my entire six member family. A couple of hours later, I was ready for more food. Unsatisfied, I texted my wife and told her that I finally broke down and had lunch after years of talking about it. She asked how it was. I changed the subject.

Maybe I expected more and maybe there was no way to reach those expectations but honestly, I have tasted far better during the food festivals. If you are looking to spend money on a great dinner or lunch and are torn between the Biergarten and somewhere else...maybe this makes your decision a little easier.