Why this cheapskate doesn't regret spending a lot of money at this one Disney restaurant

Beasts Castle . Image courtesy Brian Miller
Beasts Castle . Image courtesy Brian Miller /

There is an experience that is quite expensive at Magic Kingdom and it is also worth it.

"Be Our Guest" restaurant takes guests in the castle of The Beast. Inside you will find three dining areas. The Grand Ballroom sits between two others. Each has its own unique feel and ambiance.

If you look up the restaurant, you will likely find a lot of bad reviews. Don't listen to them. Yes, it is expensive.

I wanted to review the restaurant but I was not about to go into the place by myself so I brought my wife and four kids. The kids are 20, 14, 12, and 5, so I had a pretty good range of tastes, likes, and dislikes. To make it even more interesting, I myself am an absolute cheapskate. I hate paying for food. You will never find me buying a $10.00 burger no matter how good someone says it is.

For me, this was a hard pill to swallow. The prices are high, $72.00 per adult plate and that plate is for anyone over the age of 9. It's only a hair less for children under 9. Included in the price is an 18% gratuity that is automatically added.

For us, this trip cost $450.00 with our AP discount and included that 18% gratuity of $70.00. The staff were great but not that great.

You are paying for two things here. The ambiance is really nice and the food. A three course meal that was surprisingly good. In fact, I told my wife that the Filet Mignon was one of the best I had eaten.

My older son opted for a basic chicken, he liked it but it wasn't all that special. My 12-year-old opted for the braised beef ribs and while I don't know how the ribs were, he didn't share, but the red wine reduction was incredible.

Magic Kingdom
A Knight of Beasts Castle. Image courtesy Brian Miller /

The entire meal was good although the duck appetizer left a little to be desired, I guess I just don't enjoy the flavor as much. The escargot was enjoyable and my 12-year-old only gave me one to try.

Overall, this a great restaurant despite the price. I consider it a one-off meaning I won't ever eat there again but I don't think there is a need to do it twice. It's a great experience for the first time.

Magic Kingdom
Be Our Guest - Beast's chair. Image courtesy Brian Miller /

Entering through the broken arches you head toward the castle and once you step inside you are greeted by a hall of talking knights that will interact with you. There is a seating area that includes The Beast's oversized chair.

For kids, especially girls, it's an amazing entry into the world of Disney. No, don't expect Belle to make an appearance but The Beast will come out and greet his guests as they dine and when he arrives he is greeted with applause and shouts of "thank you" from younger kids, along with the biggest smile of the smallest guests.

I loved the experience, surprisingly. As I said, I won't do it again barring changes to the entire experience but I have no regrets doing it once. No matter what it cost me because the memory was a pretty good one.