Why this is the best holiday to visit EPCOT without large crowds

There is an ebb and flow to foot traffic at any Disney World park and holidays can be the worst for larger crowds. Is there any low-crowd holiday? We remember one.
Easter Parade at Disney World's Magic Kingdom
Easter Parade at Disney World's Magic Kingdom / Nik Wheeler/GettyImages

Halloween has ended and with it a month's long "after-hour" party of costumes, candy, and a closed Magic Kingdom. Now, Christmas decorations go up and the next holiday season goes into full-blown party mode in the coming days.

Naturally, Christmas is a huge holiday event with decorations up and every park including huge Christmas trees. Once again, on select dates, Magic Kingdom will close early for their big ticket after hours party.

Halloween and Christmas are big traffic times for the Magic Kingdom and when that park closes early, traffic at the other parks increases considerably. Is there any holiday that doesn't? Yes, actually.

Any holiday that brings a three-day weekend brings big crowds but on Easter, you might be able to find a little luck on your side.

There are no big closed parties and separate ticket events leading up to Easter. There is a small parade at Magic Kingdom and some characters might be in a spring outfit and yes, the Easter Bunny may make an appearance. This usually draws larger crowds as the parade typically only lasts the day before and the day of Easter.

Here is the interesting thing though, in three separate years we have taken a trip to Orlando and visited Disney's EPCOT on Easter Sunday and we were shocked all three times at how low the crowds actually were.

Traffic picked up after noon but for most of the morning, you could roll a ball down the street without hitting anyone. It was spectacular.

We missed this past Easter and I would suspect that the parks were heavy given the fact COVID was finally put behind us and everything Disney was running, well, like pre-pandemic Disney. Next year, 2024, we are hoping to make a trip back down for Easter and we are again hoping to see lower crowds than normal.

One thing is for certain, Christmas is going to ramp up real soon and for the next two months, crowds are going to be through the roof there is nothing that is going to change that but if you are hoping to visit a park on a holiday, Easter might still be your best bet because without decorations adorning the parks and nothing overly special going on, it is the one day that might just be the quietest.