Will Disney's "Wish" become the next big blockbuster animated film? Reports suggest it will be

Disney's original animated feature film, "Wish" opens on November 22nd but already the motion picture is tracking to be huge.

STARRING ROLE – In Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Wish,” sharp-witted idealist Asha (voice of
STARRING ROLE – In Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Wish,” sharp-witted idealist Asha (voice of /

While the MCU may not be going the way Disney was hoping it would, the next featured animated film, "Wish" seems to be tracking in all the right ways.

Currently, according to Deadline, the film is projected to open with more than $50 million over the Thanksgiving holiday. If it hits those numbers, Deadline says it will become the highest-grossing "original" animated film since 2017's Coco which did $72.9 million.

The film centers around a world where a king has the power to grant wishes and he does so sparingly when it meets his needs. Now, a villager finds herself "making a wish so powerful" it is answered from above.

The film features the voices of Chris Pine as King Magnifico and Ariana DeBose as Asha.

The biggest competition for "Wish" won't be much of a competition. "Wish" is the only family film opening over the holiday weekend and the other far more adult-oriented film will be Napolean featuring Joaquin Phoenix.

"Coco" went on to gross $72.9 million in its opening five day weekend. It would gross a total of $814 million.

"Wish" isn't expected to meet those lofty numbers but it will be interesting to see if will ever make it into a Disney World park. Characters from Coco are represented in the Mexico Pavilion at EPCOT while Moana: Journey of Water just opened in the park as well. Another big hit for Disney, ENCANTO will soon make a huge appearance at Animal Kingdom where the animated feature will find an entire area of the park themed after it.