You Disney World need to know packing list...for your kids!

ARTIST CONCEPT ONLY: Cinderella Castle is about to become even more magical inside Magic Kingdom
ARTIST CONCEPT ONLY: Cinderella Castle is about to become even more magical inside Magic Kingdom /
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A few snacks will save you more than just will save your patience!

Now, I need to preface this by saying that I love Disney food. All of the options that are constantly changing with the next season or party at Disney World are something that I look forward to every visit. There's plenty of options for my children, and they tend to eat more at the parks because of all the walking and energy being used to get around.

With that said, I inevitably will run of our snacks for my children at the wrong moment - When waiting in a long line... Nothing is more frustrating than getting into an hour long wait for a Disney ride and your child starts complaining about being hungry. I have learned from my time in line that the best medicine for this situation is to have some snacks in line.

Whether they are purchased at the park, which can be a bit pricey, or brought from home, snacks in line are a great addition to your packing list. My kids are somewhat programmed now not to ask me about food, and I think that's mainly due to the fact that they know that a snack is on the way when there's a long line ahead. It's not a perfect system, but it definitely helps out during the stressful times at Disney with my children.

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5. A good attitude

Now, if you are a parent, you know exactly what I mean when I say that going to Disney World can be stressful with children. Each time I have taken my children, I have told my wife that I am going to stay calm and just enjoy the trip. The problem is that I'm a planner. I love planning out my Disney days, but they do not always go to plan.

A ride may break down, my favorite food is out of stock, the one souvenir I wanted is on backorder, and the list keeps on growing... Add in some children complaining about the heat, how they are hungry, and how much they don't want to wait in line, and I can just feel myself wanting to leave the park immediately.

As I have become more aware of my own attitude, I have learned to just go with the flow. My children have always remembered the fun times at Disney World, not all the things I thought went wrong. So my suggestion is to just have a good time with your family, no matter what. Enjoy the magic and think about how much fun your kids are having just being at Disney World.