A Haunting in Venice: Everything to know about the Agatha Christie thriller coming to Disney+

Mar 27, 2022; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Kenneth Branagh, winner of the Oscar for Original Screenplay for
Mar 27, 2022; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Kenneth Branagh, winner of the Oscar for Original Screenplay for / Dan MacMedan-USA TODAY

Hercule Poirot is returning in the dark new drama A Haunting in Venice. Here's what to know about the new thriller coming to Disney+ this fall!

For decades, readers have enjoyed the works of Agatha Christie, particularly those focusing on her Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot. He has been adapted into several films and a BBC series, and in 2017, Kenneth Branagh took on the part as he starred and directed in a new version of Christie's masterpiece Murder on the Orient Express. It was a huge box office hit and led to a sequel, Death On the Nile. However, that film was hampered by delays due to the pandemic, and finally released in early 2022 to poor reviews and box office. 

But Branagh is trying once more as A Haunting in Venice looks to be a darker take on Poirot and a creepy tale. 

What is A Haunting in Venice about?

The movie is a surprising choice as rather than one of the more famous Poirot stories, it adapts 1969's Hallowe'en Party, which most Christie aficionados call one of her weaker works. The screenplay is by Michael Green, with Branagh once more directing. 

The storyline has much the same plot as the book as in post-World War II Venice, Poirot is invited to a Halloween party to prove a supposed psychic is a fraud. When a murder occurs, Poirot starts to investigate but begins to wonder if the killer might not be truly human. 

Who stars in A Haunting in Venice? 

Obviously, Branagh is back as Poirot and surrounded by a top-notch cast. Newly minted Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh plays the psychic while Tina Fey plays against type as a friend who pulls Poriot into this. There's also Jude Hill, Jamie Dornan, and others to spark the film up. 

  • Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot
  • Kyle Allen as Maxime Gerard
  • Camille Cottin as Olga Seminoff
  • Jamie Dornan as Leopold Ferrier's father
  • Tina Fey as Ariadne Oliver
  • Jude Hill as Leopold Ferrier
  • Ali Khan as Nicholas Holland
  • Emma Laird as Desdemona Holland
  • Kelly Reilly as Rowena Drake
  • Riccardo Scamarcio as Vitale Portfoglio
  • Michelle Yeoh as Joyce Reynolds

When does A Haunting in Venice come out? 

The film is set to be released in theaters on September 15, 2023. There's no word yet on when it will come to streaming services, but as a 20th Century Fox release, it's unlikely it would be on Disney+. 

While the film seems darker than the previous Branagh Poirot adventures, it should still be an intriguing mystery perfect for the Halloween season.

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