Best ice cream places at Walt Disney World ranked

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When it comes to ice cream, Walt Disney World has so many options that it’s hard to figure out the best. Many are just the simple stands you see around the parks with those classic Mickey bars and other offerings. Then there are those delicious DOLE Whips. But for the hardcore ice cream connoisseurs, you probably want something special.

Thankfully, WDW has that in spades, with a lot of places offering some good treats. They’re not just standard sundaes but special items only found there and some premium brands to boot. They also have great settings and a good presentation to boot. So here’s a ranking of the best places to get ice cream in Walt Disney World, so even if the weather isn’t too hot, it’s fun to enjoy some nice treats. 

10. Hollywood Scoops

Located on the Hollywood Boulevard section, this nice shack is a classic ice cream spot. The big pull is the Mickey Brownie sundae with a homemade brownie in a Mickey shape. There’s also ice cream by the scoop or cone and some nice sundaes as well. You can also toss in a candy corn milkshake and thus makes for a great treat to enjoy in between runs at the rides at the Studios.